Harvey Weinstein and Sexualized Pop Culture Call for Prophetic Engagement

Harvey Weinstein’s scandals unearth the exploitation of women in movies and TV, hidden in plain sight.

How Well Does Star Trek: Discovery Reflect Real Humanity?

Two of our staff writers discuss the new Star Trek series.

Don’t Embrace the Power of the Dark Side

God’s word, and our own stories, teach us to overcome evil with good. Why don’t we listen?

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name Is a Beautiful Portrayal of Human Longing and Fulfillment

Your Name earnestly embraces a sense of longing as something natural to the human existence.

The LEGO Batman Movie Builds a Silly-Yet-Serious Hero

The brick-based LEGO Batman Movie thinks outside the box for children and adults alike.

Ben-Hur Remake Races to a Conflicted Finish

Ben-Hur serves as a good biblically-inspired story, but struggles with a simplistic finale.

Suicide Squad Explores and Exploits Super-Villainy

Suicide Squad isn’t interested in using its potentially fascinating antiheroes as anything more than props for an often vexingly short show.

AiG’s Ark Encounter Is a Model for Christians Engaging Popular Culture

You may not agree with the premises of the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter but both attractions engage real people at their level with excellence.

Spider-Man Comes Home to Marvel and His Fans

Spider-Man finally joins his superhero friends in the Marvel universe. Is he still the same Spidey?

‘Batman v Superman’: Justice Dawns in a World Gone Meta

If you identify the new rules of ‘Batman v Superman,’ prepare to see its heroes as people, and stay open to themes that aim high, you may find the film soars.

‘Risen’ Reflects the Subversive Power of the Resurrection

‘Risen’ is a very good film that just happens to be marketed to faith-based audiences.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Franchise Awakens to High Expectations and Uncertainty

‘The Force Awakens’ left me with many unanswered questions but also with eagerness to delight in this fantastical story-world and a renewed franchise.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Fan

Stephen Burnett did not see the original Star Wars film until 2008. Now later in life, he can finally join the fandom.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine: ‘New Cruel People’ vs. ‘Prepared to Forgive’

Christians can learn from the Doctor’s fight for peace in the recent Doctor Who story “The Zygon Inversion.”

The Muppets Are More Than Idealized Memories or Cynical Culture

Despite all our cultural voices’ demands to sex-reboot all the things, some of us really do want to keep certain things “sacred” such as The Muppets.

Challenging the Culture of Quarrelsome ‘Discernment’ Blogging

The call to true biblical pastoring shames many Internet groups’ constant “rebuking” that is void of both grace and truth.