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Staff writer Luke Harrington is joined by fellow staff writers S.D. Kelly and Blake I. Collier to discuss the passing of comedian Joan Rivers, a substantial legal loss by a far-reaching campus ministry, and a new online cult?

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  1. The discussion about Intervarsity was uncharitable, offensive, and completely missing the point. I can’t believe the hosts even brought up examples like “forcing diversity at school cafeterias” and “not allowing white students to run for office in black organizations”. Furthermore, the hosts completely missed the point and trivialized the importance of acceptance when they sarcastically said that “school” should be the only place where everyone is welcome. Nowhere did they acknowledge the fact that many minorities, especially the LGBTQ community, which has been so marginalized by conservative Christians actually do feel out of place in campus culture and life.

    The fact that everyone can run for office is exactly what we need. Intervarsity has had a history of denying leadership positions to LGBTQ people just for being LGBTQ (which undermines the principle of fair, open and democratic elections) and that is unacceptable at secular universities.

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