When Games Matter: Controlling Horror in the Rise of Nightmares

“. . . there is very little in our lives that we have complete control over and yet the consensus on control in games is that the gamer should always be in charge.”

When Games Matter: Leedmees, Kinect, and Creativity

“Leedmees requires patience, foresight, balance, and teamwork. Its a game of both body and mind.”

When Games Matter: Kinect, Community, Ninjas, and Fruit

“Cultivating community takes many shapes–I never would have thought it would involve furiously chopping digital fruits.”

When Games Matter: Deus Ex and Its Dirty Trick

“. . . the more heavily a game relies on story, the more careful that game should be in raising the bar when it comes to skill.”

When Games Matter: Civilians in War Games

“… games like Battlefield play like just another shooter where war is fun. To me that is more tragic than what Battlefield is “shielding” the player from.”

When Games Matter: Choice and Boss Battles in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

“For a game predicated on choice to remind me that choice is a privilege seemed important, necessary even.”

When Games Matter: Human Revolution and Flawed Design

Is there a time when a design choice in game nearly ruined the experience for you?

Virtual Scapegoats: Getting to the Truth About Videogame Violence

Are videogames to blame for our violent tendencies?

When Games Matter: Trauma, Art, and Learning Empathy

“I felt for her loss, I felt I understood her pain and wanted to help her.”

When Games Matter: Video Game Violence and Its Frequent Lack of Self Awareness

“. . . its almost as if the game itself is serving as sort of god-figure pronouncing judgement on your actions.”

Interview: El Shaddai’s Daring Origins

What possessed Ignition to make a game about the fall of the angels, the flood, and the Tower of Babel?

When Games Matter: Bastion, History, and Learning from Our Mistakes

“… but changing history cannot actually make the world a better place–to do that you must change the hearts and minds of the people who inhabit it.”

When Games Matter: The Imaginative World of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

“I no longer possess the vivid imagination I had as a child, but games like ITSP help me keep from losing it altogether.”

When Games Matter: The Tragic Amoral World of Far Cry 2

“FC2 is a game of non-stop survival, it rarely gives you the time to stop and consider your actions and the results are appropriately tragic.”

When Games Matter: Shadow of the Colossus and the Truth About Violence

” . . . agency free from responsibility only leads to disillusionment.”

Play in Process: Is Ms. Splosion Man Sexist?

“No one leaves Ms. Splosion Man assuming that women must really like shoes – they leave thinking that such an assumption is hilarious.”