Chris Cornell’s Untimely Death Reminds Us That We Never Need to Be Alone

Perhaps the healthiest way to cope at this point is to remember Chris Cornell’s place in our lives.

Deliverance & Doubt by South of Royal, Free for CAPC Members

Deliverance & Doubt by South of Royal is a clean collection of synth-pop/rock songs with catchy hooks that would feel at home on any new Hillsong or Coldplay album.

Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked at Me Confronts the Horror of Death

After all, grief isn’t rational or given to nice, neat organization.

Noname’s Telefone: Attending to Our Salvation

Noname’s attentiveness to the world challenges and subverts an all too familiar understanding of salvation.

Worship Music: What Is It Good For?

Ideally, it seems, worship music should be written and performed by attractive young people sporting angular haircuts, tight T-shirts, and tattoos.

We Are Frail: Rich Mullins and the Human Condition

It’s one thing to be stuck in a trench, but it’s exhausting to expect perfection of your fellow soldier, slogging in the same mud as you.

Mannheim Steamroller and Christmas Traditions

Christmas feels more like Christmas when Mannheim Steamroller is playing.

Low’s Somber Christmas Music Is Perfect for 2016’s Holiday Season

If Christmas means anything, Low seems to be saying, it has to begin by being honest about the heartache all around us.

Time Without Measure by The Chairman Dances, Free for CAPC Members

The album Time Without Measure takes on activism with intimate, challenging lyrics in the style of Sufjan Stevens and The Mountain Goats.

Having Coffee with Our Devils: Regina Spektor’s Remember Us to Life

In ‘Remember Us to Life,’ Regina Spektor encourages us to remember the beauty in the world and our capacity to give grace to others in the same way grace was given to us.

Leonard Cohen’s Voice Is Still Needed for These Troubled Times

Leonard Cohen devoted his career to telling us that, in the midst of human experience, pain is rarely devoid of beauty and beauty is rarely devoid of pain.

Fun Is the First Rule of Karaoke

Singing at the All Ages Karaoke Night at Danny’s on Douglas, I was given a glimpse of this kingdom where we are bound to each other and to God.

Self-emptying and Rebirth in Okkervil River’s Away

Okkervil River’s Away is a record of lead singer Will Sheff’s kenosis : his self-emptying.

Exploring the Paradox of Existence on Bon Iver’s 22, A Million

Bon Iver’s latest album finds Justin Vernon continuing to explore questions of existence and otherness.

“Your Whole Life’s in the Hand of God”: Rebellion and Redemption in Jon Bellion’s The Human Condition

In The Human Condition, Jon Bellion invites the listener to connect with his lamentations while simultaneously partaking in his longing for something more.

Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree Is a Modern Cry of Lament

What is that elusive quality that imbues certain pieces of music with a genuine sense of pain?