Persuasion 120: Is There Hope for Those on the Naughty List?

Erin and Hannah talk how we can pigeonhole ourselves into a “naughty” category during the holidays while forgetting our freedom from sin.

Persuasion 119: Royal Engagement Watch

A royal engagement watch has been had by Erin and Hannah as the duo share their hot takes on marriage, royal fairy tales, and society’s benefit from it.

Persuasion 118: Going Solo during the Holidays with Gina Dalfonzo

Erin and Hannah invite Gina Dalfonzo to detail the ways that we all can be more mindful about how we think about and treat those who are not married.

Persuasion 117: Remember When You Used to Be Bored?

Erin and Hannah discuss giving our minds a rest by being bored or engaging in play, and what we might be losing by engaging serious thought in every lull.

Persuasion 116: Beyond Digital Discipleship with Winn Collier

Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite author and pastor Winn Collier to discuss the concept of moving beyond digital discipleship.

Persuasion 115: Is God Really Love? with Kelli Worrall

Is God Really Love? Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite Kelli Worrall to share what she’s learned in her recent book, Pierced & Embraced.

Persuasion 114: Pie Is the New Cupcake

Pie is the new Cupcake! A pie craze has descended upon us! Pie bars and diners are all the rage, ending the lengthy reign of the cupcake. Is this good news?

Persuasion 113: How to Avoid a Scuffle in a Foreign Land

How to Avoid a Scuffle in a Foreign Land: Erin and Hannah recap a tourist debacle in Nepal and talk humility toward people you encounter for the first time.

Persuasion 112: God’s Gift of a Family Pet

Erin and Hannah talk about God’s Gift of a Family Pet and the caring for and tending to them that help us deal with the stresses of life.

Persuasion 111: Is Beauty a Wild Goose Chase?

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss the ways that women chase after beauty.

Persuasion 110: Keeping Place with Jen Pollock Michel

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin and Hannah invite Jen Pollock Michel, author of Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home to the conversation.

Persuasion 109: The Pressure of Perfect Parenting

Do you ever feel the pressure of perfect parenting? In this episode, Erin and Hannah address the weight of parental guilt in its multi-faceted forms.

Persuasion 108: What Boys and Girls Are Made Of

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin and Hannah are joined by Rachael Starke, to discuss how sexism affects the workplace and keeps us from fully flourishing as men and women.

Persuasion 107: Our Strange Germ-Fighting Ways

In this ounce of Persuasion fast chat, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson our strange germ-fighting ways that give us peace to live in a world full of unseen foes.

Persuasion 106: Class Divides in the Body of Christ

Do class divides affect the Body of Christ? That’s the question Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson address in this episode of Persuasion.

Persuasion 105: Sandwich Snobbery & Social Exclusion

Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson cover everything from faux pas to class snobbery to the structures that keep us in our place.