The Punisher and Change from the Outside In

The Punisher reminds us we live two lives: an inner life and an outer life, and that decisions we make here in this life affect our eternal souls.

The Harrowing Hope of This Is Us

The popular drama has shown me more meaningful ways to hope.

Is Neighborly Love Enough in The Good Place?

The Good Place is an exercise in thinking through how we relate to each other as neighbors and what responsibility we take toward intervening in a broken world.

Walking in Joyce Byers’s Footsteps: Motherhood in a Stranger Things World

Joyce Byers—an axe-wielding woman who strings lights in the darkness to lead her son home and who knows when to let her son feel actual pain—is a paragon of motherhood.

Friends-giving Gives Everyone a Seat at the Table

For adults who don’t have a family of their own, Friends-giving is a trend that provides much-needed communion in the loneliness of the holidays.

Trauma, Failure, and Lingering Evil in Twin Peaks

Lynch offers a sort of witness bearing that is desperately needed in an age as numb and distracted as our own.

“We Live in the Dream”: Seeing through a Glass Darkly in Twin Peaks

We know the soul-ache of mystery; so does Twin Peaks.

The Sinner Reminds Us That Trauma Is Always Communal

We are inherently relational creatures, and when we suffer, we suffer communally. Trauma is everyone’s problem.

Stranger Things and the Heart’s Deepest Desire

The belonging Eleven finds in Hawkins mirrors the belonging we should find in the community of faith.

Imagining Stranger Things

The Party can best explain what is taking place in Hawkins because they see through the lens of their imaginations.

Stranger Things Reminds Us of the Lessons We Keep Forgetting

These truths seem obvious, but perhaps we need a reminder.

The Relatable Longings of Stranger Things and This Is Us

These stories remind viewers of humanity’s universal, never-ending need for validation—to be fully seen and understood.

Stranger Longings: Belonging and Adoption in ST2

Eleven longs for somewhere to belong more than most, though almost every character in Stranger Things 2 mirrors this struggle in some way.

American Gods: A Pagan Enchantment Which Does Not Satisfy

What is it about the idea of things, powers, and beings beyond nature that draws people into these stories?

Mindhunter Spots the Evil Inside Us All

Instead of showing us how the good guys can go bad, Mindhunter wonders if maybe the good guys have been just as evil all along.

Who Will Remember Wallander?

Wallander raises a question that has a wonderful response: Who will remember us in the end?