Praise for CaPCMag

Christ and Pop Culture Magazine is a digital magazine containing premier feature articles with custom art and curated content previously published on our site.

Exclusive Content 

Each issue comes with an incredible assortment of exclusive content. In addition to three exclusive feature articles, edited and prepared from the ground up for the magazine, we’ll also include an insightful Letter from the Editor about each issue’s theme.


Curated Content 

Since 2007, Christ and Pop Culture has been publishing quality, cultural commentary. We have a lot of content. And most of that content you’ll never see because of the ephemeral nature of the Internet. So, in each issue of our digital magazine, we highlight some of the best articles as they fit with the issue’s theme.

The Chance to Support Us

We believe strongly in the important role Christ and Pop Culture fills for the church. We seek to actively and thoughtfully address subjects that others either ignore or treat superficially.

Our beliefs are grounded in the authority of Scripture, yet we seek to maintain a thoughtful independence from the knee jerk reactions and uncritical biases that are often prominent within Christian circles. We work hard to maintain strong editorial oversight in order to provide you with the best possible material at all times.


For us, this comes down to the Golden Rule. We want to treat you how we would like to be treated. We merely ask the same in return. If not, that’s okay; there will still be plenty of fantastic CAPC content available on the website. But our bold experiment is to see if the relationship between our website and its readers can be characterized by love and goodwill first and foremost.