Owen Strachan is disturbed by the reasons some people voted for Obama:

In a celebrity, media-driven, personality-celebrating culture, many of us care more about whether someone has an iMac, drives a flex-fuel car, and likes our favorite magazines and cult blogs than whether they stand for life and truth.  This seems true of many Christians.  We’re voting and living based more on mood, on feeling, on impressions, on personality, than we are on lasting, durable, rock-solid things, things that have shape and form and character.

via The Danger of Identifying with Ambient Culture « owen strachan.

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  1. <oppositeDay>I liked how the article quoted from the Weekly Standard cherry-picked Obama-supporting things that sounded elitist or vapid.</oppositeDay>

    Incidentally, I’m not sure I’m quite as chilled as Owen is. After all, of all the Christians I know, only a handful voted for Obama. And of those, I can’t think of any who vote because they thought he was hip. Instead, they thought he was better qualified than McCain or they were more terrified of a potential Palin White House.

    Come to think of it though, I may be more chilled than Owen. All of my interaction with the human race has proven one thing conclusively to me: democracy cannot work because people who should not vote do in fact vote.

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