In the fourth episode of The25, ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, video game Darkest Dungeon and infamous rapper Kanye West are nominated for a coveted spot on The 25 for 2016.

Richard Clark brings the ABC sitcom Fresh Off The Boat to the discussion. An Asian American family has relocated to Orlando, FL and the show manages to deal with the important questions of belonging to a community while maintaining a unique cultural identity. Stereotypes are subverted and well drawn characters are portrayed even through the show is not what the original author intended. Despite Eddie Huang disavowing the show, is there enough material to merit inclusion on The25 for 2016?

Drew Dixon brings yet another video game to the discussion. Darkest Dungeon, a rogue like 2D game makes the player deal with the responsibility of sending soldiers into the deepest and darkest dungeons to help reclaim the honor of your family name. In the darkness their stress will rise and their ability to overcome the trials will rely on your ability to manage their stress by sending them to church, the bar or the brothel depending on what kind of leader you are. Themes of class separation, empathy and responsibility for our fellow human beings permeate into the darkness but is it enough to warrant a spot on the Top 25?

Finally, Kanye West returns to the floor as Cray Allred bring the controversial rapper back to the forefront as a nomination for the 2016 Top 25 list. The discussion revolves around Kanye’s persona. How is behavior and attitude reflect (or does not reflect) a man concerned with the Gospel? Twitter trolling Deadmou5, attitudes toward women, the infamous tension between Taylor Swift and more are up for discussion. Juxtaposing Kanye the man against the Kanye portrayed in The Life of Pablo makes for one of the most intensely debated nominees yet.

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