President Obama’s first couple of weeks has certainly not lived up to the hype. His interview with Al-Arabiya was painful to watch in certain places (I don’t object necessary to him doing it but his presentation has set up a dangerous “America was bad before me and is good now” dichotemy that is unhelpful and mostly untrue). His nominees for Cabinet and other posts struggle to pay large amounts of tax money (see this article from Maureen Dowd). The “stimulus” bill stinks and the putrid scent has moved beyond the febreeze put on it by the media to reach the nostrils of the American public.

Why do I bring all of these things up? Because I think President Obama is in especial need of prayers right now. I want President Obama to succeed. I didn’t vote for him, I’ll admit that right now. However, he is my President and his lackluster showing at the start is definitely worthy of worry. It is early and these could be just early problems of getting used to the job. That said, these are serious times calling for serious leadership and I truly want President Obama to lead and lead successfully. Paul instructs us to pray for our leaders at all times (I Timothy 2:1-2); I think our leader could use our prayers and supplications right now as he adjusts to the intense rigours of one of the most difficult jobs in the world.


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