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Why My Wife and I Walked away from Infertility Treatments

“Left unchecked, a natural, God-given desire for children can morph into an ugly, idolatrous, desperation that leaves couples bitter, selfish, and isolated.”

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“There is certainly plenty for the Christian viewer to take issue with, the most obvious being the peculiar eschatology the show envisions.”

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Actually, People Say Really Nice Things About Miss America on Twitter!

Let’s be careful how we judge the “racism level” of the United States based on a small slice of Twitter.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 2: Genre Roots

Doctor Who stories aren’t that original. Some are even blatant rip-offs. How does that affect the show’s stories?

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How The Psalms Made Folk Music

“Along with being God’s perfect word, the hymnbook of the Bible is an unparalleled artistic achievement that has not only transformed the Church but the entirety of Western music and culture.”

Why I Won’t Encourage My Kids to Play Football

“Were my boys ever to ask me if they could sign up, I must admit that I’d probably do my best to dissuade them.”

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