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Journey Through the Judgement House

Martyn Jones visits a “Judgement House” designed to scare people into acknowledging their mortality, and is startled by what he finds.

Culture Warriors Crying Wolf

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

We like to imagine segregation is ancient history. Tyler Glodjo reminds us it’s not.

Downton Abbey: Things We’ve Lost

Marijuana Legalization in Black and White: The Racial Cost of the Status Quo

While it may seem quite simple that Christians should be against legalization, are we willing to accept that there may be serious costs to its prohibition as well?

The Kiddy Pool: Teaching Good Taste

“A steady diet of highly-processed, mass-produced junk food dulls the palate until we don’t really know what we’re tasting any more.”

Beware the Frozen Heart

A Disney story set in the snow can help thaw a girl’s heart.

The Body of Christ, the Balloons of Salvation: On Christian Balloon Twisting

Number 4: Balloon twisting for Jesus is an easy topic for mockery, but Martyn Jones considers some of the thicker implications of such airy object lessons.

The Hidden Craze Over Mein Kampf

What we read in our Kindles may reveal what we hide in our hearts.

A Life of Two Stories: An Interview with Joshua Kemble

Number 5: Alan Noble interviews graphic novelist Joshua Kemble about his conversion, his art, and how and why he depicts sin.

Ask Uncle Brad: Why You Should Definitely “Ask Uncle Brad”

“Honestly, the only reason I’m still writing for Christ and Pop Culture is because I enjoy telling people things they ought to already know. I want to do that every week.”

Persecution Continues: Political Reform in Myanmar May Not Be The Progress We Think It Is

Not everyone sees Myanmar president, Thein Sein’s, release of political prisoners as progress. While political dissidents are being freed, ethnic and religious minorities continue to be imprisoned and persecuted.

Jennifer Knapp and the Long Road Back

Number 6: Addie Zierman describes her journey from the center of Christian Culture to outskirts and back again, a path that mirrors Knapp’s own journey.

Eulogy for a Video Game Box Artist

“His artwork ignited my creativity and inspired my love for visual art and art history. His name was Greg Martin, and he was a video game box illustrator.”

Downton Abbey: A Job Well Done

“To me, one of the most compelling themes throughout the series’ four-year run has always been its examination of the significance of human work, and that theme plays out prominently in the season premiere.”

Christmas, in Four Movies

Number 7: We experience traditions through the stories we tell each other. D.L. Mayfield reflects on how four films shaped her vision of Christmas.