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The 25 Episode 20: ‘The Great British Bakeoff’, ‘Erased’, and ‘Stranger Things’

Cool Takes: J.K. Rowling and the Writer’s Obsession

J.K. Rowling can tamper with the characters to her heart’s content, but I can no longer, in good faith, be part of this creator-consumer bargain.

A Common Quest: Searching for Belonging in Emma Cline’s The Girls

We all just want to belong: in Emma Cline’s new book The Girls, this desire takes a dark turn.

AiG’s Ark Encounter Is a Model for Christians Engaging Popular Culture

You may not agree with the premises of the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter but both attractions engage real people at their level with excellence.

Wendell Berry Loves Your Nowhere Place

The Seer, a new film about Wendell Berry, is a celebration of the people who once upon a time we called “salt of the earth” but who we remember now as “backward” caricatures.

Persuasion: Devil’s Advocate, Politically Speaking

Erin and Hannah perform and exercise in empathy as they play devil’s advocate with each other while discussion the pleasant topic of politics.

Finding Our Hopefuls When Caught by Giant Despair

If the sinless Savior desired community in a time of suffering, how much more do we need friends?

Seeing and Believing: ‘Swiss Army Man’ And ‘The Innocents’

Swiss Army Man starring Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano is contrasted against the WW II move The Innocents.

Star Trek Beyond Explores the Cosmography of Relationship

By stressing spatial relativity and disorientation in space, the film demonstrates the need of a physics and metaphysics that incorporate relationship.

Reading Sideways: How Fiction Helps Us Navigate the Maze of Tragedy

Fiction does not allow us to ignore reality; rather, it is a tool for the wise, the desperate, and the bewildered.

The CAPC Digest: Pokemon Go in a Broken, Hurting World

Tyler and Drew chat with Luke T. Harrington about his recent article, “Summer Shootings, Pokémon Go: Rebuilding Community in the Wake of Destruction.”

The 25 Episode 19: ‘Genius’, ‘Zootopia’, and Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go and the films ‘Genius’ & ‘Zootopia’ are on the floor for debate for the 21st spot on The CaPC 25 for 2016.

Which Came First: Bad Politicians or TV Shows About Bad Politicians?

Once we’ve accepted the message on our TV screens—that the system is hopelessly corrupt—we learn to settle for severely diminished standards for our leaders.

Persuasion: Shame Is the Elephant in the Room with Heather Davis Nelson

Do racial issues really “disappear” because of the Gospel? A response to John MacArthur.

The Gospel enables believers to see social issues from a spiritual perspective — but does it remove social issues altogether?

The Morgan Grimes Theory

The strength that comes from friendship is the grounding force that gives me the courage to do what I otherwise could not, that enables me to persevere through circumstances that I otherwise could not.