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Kubo and the Two Strings : The Story of the ‘Perfect’ Family

While it may not be as inclusive as it thinks, Kubo and the Two Strings can help audiences to analyze how they present the stories of their families to the world.

Seeing and Believing: Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and Black Mirror Season 3

The guys sit down to discuss Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s film about Christian pacifist Desmond Doss’s experiences as an army medic in World War II.

Changing the Metaphors of Politics

Culture is a thing to be cultivated, not conquered. Let’s change our political metaphors.

The More Things Change, the More God Stays the Same

Friendships change. Families change. Traditions change. There is, in every season of change, an everlasting, eternal, unchanging God upon whom I can fix my eyes.

When Jerry Hugged Larry: Throwing Down Our Weapons in a War of Unpopular Ideas

Censorship is great—as long as you’re the one holding the Sharpie in the culture war.

Three Films to Watch before You Vote (and One to Watch After)

Three movies to watch before you vote to help steel your nerves, and one movie to watch after you vote — to help wash away the stench of national politics.

Jack Chick’s Vision of the World Was a Fear-Filled Caricature

Jack Chick’s tracts don’t challenge readers to love their neighbors, but instead, provide a refuge for those who want to bunker down in fear.

The Real Meaning of Halloween

We should never forget the real meaning of Halloween: paganism.

14 Halloween Candies That Might Help You Survive Election Season

This is your guide to which candies might (or might not) help get you through this final week of political purgatory.

The Bad Neighbor: Presidential Discourse and Christian Witness in the Age of Trump

Unlike the Good Neighbor mandate from FDR, Trump’s political discourse on America is motivated by insecurity.

Seeing and Believing: A Halloween Scarathon with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Fly

Wade and Kevin pick a scary movie for the other to watch on this Halloween edition of Seeing & Believing.

CAPC Magazine, October 2016: ‘Votes, Voices, and Vices’

A fresh take on political discourse is one of the seeds we must sow.

The CaPC Digest: The Insecurity of the Security Gospel with Arianne Benedetto

Arianne Benedetto talks about her article on the false promises of the Security Gospel with Drew and Tyler.

John Carpenter’s Halloween and the Problem of Horrendous Evil

Sometimes evil doesn’t have a backstory; it exists for its own sake. This is what makes John Carpenter’s Halloween so effective.

The CaPC 25 Episode 29: 75 Masterpieces, Grace VanderWaal, and the Enneagram Test

The Enneagram personality test, another Top 25–like list from author Terry Glaspey, and “America’s Got Talent” winner Grace VanderWaal.

Persuasion: Scary Clowns and Other Horrors with Luke T. Harrington

Scary clowns and other horrors are the topics of conversation for Erin and Hannah as they welcome special guest Luke T. Harrington to talk about the Christian aversion to the horror genre.