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Virtual Reality on Screen: Paradise or Pandemonium?

Virtual reality offers the possibility of deliberate crafting of an alternate, idealized, or improved reality.

Panel Discussion: ‘The Vision’ and the Danger of Chasing Our Dreams

Tom King is giving us, through The Vision’s storyline, an opportunity to consider how the pursuit of our dreams could result in the destruction of our deepest values and convictions.

Cam Newton: Hero or Villain?

Cam is neither a hero nor a villain, just somewhere in between.

Seeing and Believing Episode 45: Top 5 TV Shows of 2015, Tarantino And Extreme Content

Wade and Kevin put 2015 to bed with a discussion of their five favorite television shows of the year.

The CAPC Digest #39: Is Black Lives Matter Overblown? with Matthew Loftus

Drew and Tyler chat with Matthew Loftus about the assumptions many have about the Black Lives Matter movement.

LOL Interwebz: So, Apparently the Internet Is on a Big ‘Wizard of Oz’ Kick, or Something

I wonder if maybe our own constant chasing of newness reflects a desire to escape our own mortality—an attempt to deny that we’re made of dust and to dust we will return.

Cool Takes: Ricky Gervais & Donald Trump Speak Truth to Power

What do Ricky Gervais and Donald Trump have in common? Neither one is afraid to speak his mind. How refreshing! Or not.

Jae Jin’s ‘Kairos’: Seizing an Opportune Moment, Free for CaPC Members

In his soulful, yet upbeat debut album, Jae Jin creates moving lyrics set to memorable tunes.

Our Days Are Numbered

At the New Year, time’s passing is hard to escape.

Touchdown Jesus: Sports Fans’ Part in the PED Problem

Sports fans are not simply spectators—we are consumers, enabling the systems that silently encourage athletes to abuse their minds and bodies for the sake of our entertainment

Persuasion Episode 44: Common Sense for Conspiracy Theories

Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss conspiracy theories and how social media fuels them.

Listening Closer: Why “Strange Fruit” Mattered in 2015 (and Still Matters in 2016)

We cannot hear exactly what “Strange Fruit” meant to those who heard it in the late 1930s, but we can take to heart what it means to us now.

Lessons of the Emotionless

It is vulnerability that requires more guts.

Seeing and Believing Episode 44: Top Ten Films of 2015

Wade and Kevin are joined by Reel Spirituality’s Colin Stacy in unveiling their picks for the best films of 2015.

Panel Discussion: ‘Captain America’ and Overcoming the Reality of Regret

Can we live a life for the sake of Christ and the kingdom of God without carrying any regrets about the consequences down the road?

Is Black Lives Matter Overblown?

Let’s assume that Black Lives Matter is overblown.