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Oprah’s Best Body and the Body of Christ

Fat Christians represent the Body of Christ just as much as their thinner counterparts in the church, even if Oprah Winfrey’s new Weight Watcher ads tell us otherwise.

‘The Listening Life’: Learning from the God Who Listens to Us, Free for CAPC Members

Rather than a “seeing is believing” mindset, Christianity is a more “hearing is believing” way of life.

The Beguiling Search for Truth in ‘The Witness’

‘The Witness’ reflects the layered complexity of the Christian tradition.

The CAPC Digest #44: Jim and Pam’s Quiet Fidelity

Jim and Pam from ‘The Office’ is the subject of discussion as Drew and Tyler host Amanda Wortham to talk about her article about one of TV’s most endearing couples.

Touchdown Jesus: Ronda Rousey’s Loss and the Worship of Winning

Ronda Rousey’s defeat signals a universal human vulnerability—one that is meant to equip us for communion with others and with Christ.

‘Risen’ Reflects the Subversive Power of the Resurrection

‘Risen’ is a very good film that just happens to be marketed to faith-based audiences.

Persuasion Episode 49: The Lost Art of Humility

Erin and Hannah talk about the lost art of humility in social media and our own personal platforms.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 85: ‘The Life of Pablo Part 1’, Ultralight Beam

Sam and Cray dive into Ultralight Beam on ‘The Life of Pablo” from Kanye West. Does the song illuminate the rest of the album in a gospel-centric light?

Behold, I Make All Things New: Händel, George Lucas, and Some Okie Lutherans in a Drafty Church

God could have redeemed His creation however He saw fit and yet chose to step inside of it, to become part of it, and to rebuild it from the inside out.

Seeing and Believing Episode 49: The New S&B Book And Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Wade and Kevin share their most anticipated movies of 2016 while reflecting on the “CaPC Goes to the Movies 2015” ebook available now.

How a Bunch of ‘Impractical Jokers’ Helped Me Overcome the Isolation of Grief

‘Impractical Jokers’ made us feel closer to other human beings, and allowed us to feel that closeness from a respectable distance.

LOL Interwebz: Frinkiac and the Triumph of ‘The Simpsons’

‘The Simpsons’ did a better job of reaching the masses that the culture warriors had already written off.

Christ and Pop Culture Goes to the Movies 2015

Going to a movie can constitute great quality time.

The CaPC Digest Episode 43: Expectations Of The NFL Quarterback And Cam Newton

What are our expectations of the NFL Quarterback? Drew, Tyler and guest Tim Briggs discuss the Cam Newton media coverage, is it fair and what factors weigh in on how we perceive the most polarizing player in the league today?

Persuasion Episode 48: Weighing Fashion on the Cultural Scale

Cultural fashion choices tell a story about the people who wear them. Erin and Hannah discussion cultural fashion indicators and the judgement that is inherent based on those choices.

The Next Page: Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Agreeing on Essentials

My loyalty is not to indoctrinating others with my narrow vision of good books but to reading.