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‘Downton Abbey’ and the Weight of History

‘Downton Abbey’ succeeds by reminding us of the human face of history.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 87: Alyosha, Voltaire, and Hip Hop with Joshua Powell

How Fulfillment Happens

The human heart longs after fulfillment whether we mean it to or not.

Sacred Time in the Netflix Era

Strange as it may sound, instant-access, binge-watching Netflix culture can, in fact, enrich our lives.

Seeing and Believing Episode 51: ‘The Witch’ And ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2

‘Many Beautiful Things’: Lilias Trotter and the Theology of the Cross

Like Lilias Trotter of ‘Many Beautiful Things,’ we must all wrestle with the powerful cultural pressure to place success and glory as the highest value of our lives.

The 25 Episode 4: Kanye West, ‘Darkest Dungeon’ & ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

LOL Interwebz: An Open Letter to Those People Who Keep Writing Terrible Open Letters

Well, there you go, Internet. A self-righteous open letter. I await my kudos.

Who Speaks for ‘Chi-Raq’? A Conversation About Spike Lee’s Misguided Film & the Critics Who Loved It

If Chicago natives don’t endorse and support Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-raq,’ why do so many film critics have positive reviews for it?

The Next Page: Annoying People and Pope Francis’s ‘The Name of God Is Mercy’

Our faith should change the way that we operate in the world.

5 Reasons Donald Trump Earned His Place in the WWE Hall of Fame

Many feel that because his background is in business, Trump doesn’t fit in with his esteemed peers, but I disagree; Donald Trump has more than earned his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The CAPC Digest Episode 45: Oprah’s Best Body And The Body Of Christ With Amanda Beck

Touchdown Jesus: Are the Warriors Too Good to Be True?

The Warriors have been a light on the hill for the desperate diehard, proof that hope isn’t always futile.

The Ache of Divine Absence in ‘The Banner Saga’

The absence of a divine presence in ‘The Banner Saga’ contributes to its greater sense of emptiness and loss.

Listening Closer: Lucinda Williams’ Lenten Liturgy

Lucinda Williams’ ‘The Ghosts of Highway 20’ works as the perfect soundtrack for an Ash Wednesday liturgy.

The Never-ending Redemption Run

Looking back and looking ahead through the eyes of a runner.