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Persuasion Episode 34: Fame Etiquette & Christian Celebrity

Erin and Hannah talk about Halloween Costumes, celebrity culture and how the Christian world has its own celebrities.

Listening Closer: The Innocence Mission Goes on Shining

The Innocence Mission shows us that the more an artist acknowledges and expresses the brokenness we know in this life, the more meaningful her praises of beauty and declarations of hope become.

Ordinary Heroes: A Manhood Bestowed

In the Kingdom of God, a man isn’t a man because of his ability to buy into an ideal. A man is a man solely because God has called him “son.”

Sunday Oldskool Episode 74: Keywords and “Crucify”: Dee-1, Native American Rap, Kanye vs. Rhymefest, k-os

Sam & Cray are back with and better than ever with a hip hop news round up and Cray’s grumpy review of “Crucify” from k-os.

Seeing and Believing Episode 34: ‘Bridge of Spies’ & A Spielberg-cast

Wade & Kevin have a close encounter episode discussing Steven Spielberg’s latest outing, ‘Bridge of Spies’

Panel Discussion: Captain America and the Gospel’s Political Perils

So what is Captain America’s crime in the eyes of the political pundits? His sin seems to be caring about people.

Beyond the Mystique: Domesticity and the Proverbs 31 Woman

I grew up subconsciously attaching the 1950s housewife stereotype to the biblical model found in Proverbs 31. But the woman described in this passage is far removed from June Cleaver.

LOL Interwebz: Seeking a Quick Divorce from the Mob

We now take it for granted that people who have said things sufficiently offensive deserve to be hounded out of their jobs, their homes, and even their families by an online mob.

‘Steve Jobs’ and the Ghosts of Apple Past

Jobs’ incessant pursuit of technological perfection presents a picture of how expertise, craftsmanship, and passion can often serve as masks for deep insecurities.

Josh Niemyjski Is Putting the Hip Hop in “Christian” Hip Hop

Is hip hop and the Christian faith a tenable mixture?

Persuasion Episode 33: Are Half-Truths Full Lies?

Blessed Are Those with Working Memory, Executive Function, and Attention Deficits

Our differences have the potential to unite us, if we can only share with each other our gifts. Blessed are those with Learning Differences, for theirs is the secret of resolution.

Panel Discussion: The Futility of Balance With ‘Doctor Strange’

Perhaps Doctor Strange shows us just where the notion of keeping everything in balance is a sinister cultural flaw.

‘Sermon on the Rocks’: Josh Ritter’s Messianic Honky-Tonk of Biblical Proportions

Josh Ritter’s ‘Sermon on the Rocks’ is a biblically-infused album that offers a searing critique of deep-fried, cultural evangelical Christianity,

Seeing and Believing Episode 33: Sicario And Top 5 Roger Deakins Movies

Wade and Kevin discuss the divisive “Sicario” as well as their Top 5 movies and moments from cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Call for Pitches: Virtual Space

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “Virtual Space.”