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Touchdown Jesus: Steph Curry’s Pride and Joy

If you haven’t noticed, Stephen Curry is really good. I think he’s just realizing this himself.

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’ and Choosing to See Our Present Dystopia

Don’t forget what ‘The Hunger Games’ is really about.

Persuasion Episode 39: The Funny Factor in Gender Dynamics

How do men and women express humor? How do you over or under appreciate your own sense of humor?

Sunday Oldskool Episode 79 – Falling in Love with Hamilton and Hip Hop, with Guest Hannah Anderson

Sam and Cray are joined by special guest Hannah Anderson to talk about the Broadway production of Hamilton.

Killing the Spirit of Fear: How Female Action Heroes Can Help Women Live Courageously

I didn’t need any classical administrators or bestsellers on biblical femininity to tell me how many ways there were to get it wrong.

Seeing and Believing Episode 39: ‘The Hunger Games’ Franchise And ‘Mockingjay Part 2’

Panel Discussion: The Simple Goodness of ‘Huck’ Is a Welcome Relief in Superhero Comics

The lightheartedness in a comic book tells us of the more complete and lasting lifting of our burdens when Christ comes again and makes all things new.

Last Temptations, “Attaboys,” and Dangerous Art

Films like ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ require deep digging that ultimately results in spiritual maturity.

CAPC Members Only Podcast #17: Rock, Rap and Demons with Sunday Old Skool

The Next Page: This Is Your Brain on Screens

It’s part of my Christian responsibility to be a wise steward of my time as well as my body.

American Zoo: Looking at Black Culture According to Vince Staples

Vince Staples offers a striking commentary on black life in the U.S. and the invisible wall that continues to separate.

Persuasion Episode 38: Of Guilt and Gratitude

Erin and Hannah discuss the Thanksgiving gratitude culture and the attitude behind it.

The Liturgies of ‘Shaun the Sheep’

Deep down, we are liturgical creatures, designed to live, to learn, to work, and even to play according to guided rhythms.

Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow

Peyton Manning is an athlete whose flesh had failed him—whose spirit is outlasting his body—and it resonates with us in ways that goes beyond athletics or sports fandom.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 78: Wearing Halos with Chance the Rapper

Sam and Cray talk about wedding crashing, presidential Pusha T. and a detailed look at Chance the Rapper’s ‘Angels.’

Listening Closer: Psalms for Refugees, Terrorists, and Other Neighbors

We need God’s promises; and in the traditions of all psalmists, they’re easier to hope for if we sing them.