No, Christmas Isn’t Secretly Pagan: A Very Merry D-List Saints Christmas Special (For the Whole Family)

The point is, it’s Christmas (or actually Advent, but since no one seems to understand the difference between Christmas and Advent, whatevs, call it Christmas if you want, sure)!

Rogue One: An Advent Story

Advent is a season to reflect on the hope of Christ’s coming, a season to practice how not to be complacent, the very thing we see in Rogue One.

Manchester by the Sea and the Grief of Advent

Like Advent, Manchester by the Sea is about grief.

A Thrill of Hope: Why We Need Advent Right Now

The thrill of hope offered in the Advent season is just what we need to recover from this divisive election.

Preparing Him Room

Christmas has come, once again, ready or not.

Relieving the Ache of Christmas: Inviting the Heartsick In

What would happen if we started to integrate the sadder parts of our world with the declaration that the Prince of Peace was born?

Page CXVI’s Christmas Album Helped Me Channel the Spirit of Advent

“Latifah Philips’ passionately subdued vocals for “O Come” in particular embody Israel’s passionate longing—that desire for Christ the King, the Savior to appear and end her exile, which then becomes our own.”

The Kiddy Pool: The Burden of Not Knowing & the Loving Arms of Advent

“I used to fear, during my pregnancy with my second daughter, that God would smite me for feeling ungrateful”