It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and We Don’t Care)

We don’t just need this world to be improved; we need to see it broken and remade.

That Time the World Didn’t End in 1844

Miller predicted Christ’s return based on all that stuff in Daniel about “time, times and half a time” that everyone pretends to understand but doesn’t.

Blockbuster Revelations: Disaster, Apocalypse, and Other Ways Film Tries to Fix Our World

What need within us is served by watching our society crumble beneath our protagonists’ feet, if not one that is cruel, even sadistic, in nature?

The Life and End Times of the Apocalypse

Both The Leftovers and Left Behind may be mere entertainment, but they nonetheless expertly play into the fears of what a less-populated world would entail.

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is a Messy Film Trying to Say Something about God

While previous installments of the X-Men cinematic franchise center on humanity’s troubled relationship with mutants, Apocalypse shifts its focus to the mutants themselves.

Cool Takes: Our Current Apocalypse

The Trump apocalypse, in one way or another, has always been upon us.

Seeing and Believing Episode 58: A Conversation with the Authors of ‘How to Survive the Apocalypse’

‘How to Survive the Apocalypse’ authors Alissa Wilkinson and Robert Joustra join Wade and Kevin to talk about the apocalyptic genre as Christin filmmaking.

Cool Takes: Of Blood Moons, Papal Visits, and the End of the World

Every day is an apocalypse of sorts as we make our way back to God.

The Televangelists: An Apocalypse You Can Believe In

“Revolution is a well-made show but I found myself constantly taken out of the series’ post-apocalyptic setting.”