Jesus the Populist, Cosmopolitan Christ

Jesus is more cosmopolitan than many ordinary Americans seem to recognize.

A Thrill of Hope: Why We Need Advent Right Now

The thrill of hope offered in the Advent season is just what we need to recover from this divisive election.

‘What Has Cast Such a Shadow upon You?’ Reading Benito Cereno after the Election

As my students and I discussed Herman Melville‘s “Benito Cereno” the text on Friday, many of them wept.

Proclaiming a Better Way: Christian Community After the Election

With the election over, we should point to our churches and proclaim a better way that is possible in the gospel.

Three Films to Watch before You Vote (and One to Watch After)

Three movies to watch before you vote to help steel your nerves, and one movie to watch after you vote — to help wash away the stench of national politics.

All Saints’ Day and Election Season

We are all sinners and saints alike, but on All Saints’ Day, we trace our lineage through the departed saints who’ve walked in the faith before us.

Which Came First: Bad Politicians or TV Shows About Bad Politicians?

Once we’ve accepted the message on our TV screens—that the system is hopelessly corrupt—we learn to settle for severely diminished standards for our leaders.

Trump and the Consequences of Being a Single-Issue Voter

The real pro-life movement, the work of building a culture that respects human life, must happen from the bottom up, not the top down.

How We Honor Our President

10 Ways to Detox from the Election

Grapes of Wrath? The Economy of Relative Feeling

Ben Bartlett gives us perspective and helps us to cope with these (not so?) troubling economic times.

The Right Side of History? A Christian Votes Obama & Thanks President Bush

Ben Bartlett defines cognitive dissonance.

Four Exhortations for this Political Season

In this particular political season, I don’t know many people who are outright uninterested in the presidential race. The opinions on both sides of the aisle are many, and the stakes are incredibly high. A combination of fascination and frustration grips most of us as the race drags on and seems to take all sorts of odd twists and turns. In short, this whole politics thing is getting crazy these days.

A New Paradigm for Christian Politics

Christmas is, “in the air,” for a longer period each year. This time around, I started hearing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving week! However, even Christmas cannot compare to the length of time we spend talking about politics, especially in a presidential election year.