Grief Without Escape Clauses: How a Cartoon Is Helping Us Mourn the Parkland Shooting

If the heavenly reading of Guerra’s illustration is meant to supplant the intense pain it addresses, then it’s being misread.

Resolution and Failure in Broadchurch Season 3

The story of Danny Latimer’s murder and its effects on his family that lingers long after the end of Broadchurch season 3.

A Journey of Grief and Anxiety through RiME

I find the entirety of RiME, even the darkest parts, a cathartic experience.

The Aroma of Home: In Praise of a Korean Table

In many ways, the story of Korean food and culture in my life, with its Kentucky Baptist roots, is the story of how we travel through the world.

Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked at Me Confronts the Horror of Death

After all, grief isn’t rational or given to nice, neat organization.

Manchester by the Sea and the Grief of Advent

Like Advent, Manchester by the Sea is about grief.

What Grieving People Wish You Knew by Nancy Guthrie, Free for CAPC Members

Nancy Guthrie’s overwhelming message in What Grieving People Wish You Knew is to enter into the awkwardness and difficulty of loving grieving people.

Persuasion: The Grief That Stole Christmas, with Nancy Guthrie

Although we assume December should be full of all things merry and bright, the grief that stole Christmas Joy for so many can be found throughout the season. Nancy Guthrie joined Erin and Hannah to talk about it.

Changing the World Requires Changing More Than Your Avatar

Our hunger for human flourishing outstrips our patience for the work necessary to achieve it.

‘When the Heart Is Laid Bare’ by Skylar Hamilton Burris: Experiencing the Beauty of Ancient Faith, Free for CAPC Members

Skylar Hamilton Burris’ ‘When the Heart is Laid Bare’ is free for Christ and Pop Culture members.

Finding Death’s Sting with Sufjan Stevens on ‘Carrie & Lowell’

You get the impression Stevens would like to stick his finger in Paul’s chest and tell him exactly where death’s sting is.

Communal Mourning: What Social-Media Grief Says about Us

The Kiddy Pool: The Case of the Prodigal Pegasus

I felt saddened by her sadness at losing Butterfly and happy for her happiness in rediscovering the pony at last. I care about her, I explained, so I care about what she cares about.

Rest In Peace, “Amanat”

“How do we grieve for the people we don’t know, have never met, and can never comfort?”