The CAPC Digest: Silence, Faith, and Culture with Wade Bearden and Peter G. Epps

Drew and Tyler talk about Silence, faith, and culture with Wade Bearden and Peter J. Epps in regards to Martin Scorsese’s film Silence.

Silence’s Roar: Scorsese’s Latest Is a Kaleidoscope of Faith and Doubt

Silence’s commitment to authenticity and deep exploration of martyrdom make it a vital watch for all audiences.

Seeing and Believing: Martin Scorsese’s Silence and Top 5 Spiritual Scorsese Moments

One of the guys’ most anticipated films of 2016 is kicking off their first show of 2017: Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’, based on the the novel by Shusaku Endo.

Knocking on Martin Scorsese’s Door: Religion in the Work of Hollywood’s Patron Saint

In Martin Scorsese’s films, faith forms the groundwork for his gritty portrayals of incarnate suffering and violent quests for redemption.

Makoto Fujimura’s Silence and Beauty, Free for CaPC Members

The thoughtful analysis of Silence’s unforgettable climax makes Fujimura’s ‘Silence and Beauty’ a must-read for Endo critics and fans alike.

Last Temptations, “Attaboys,” and Dangerous Art

Films like ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ require deep digging that ultimately results in spiritual maturity.

Listening Closely to ‘Wolf of Wall Street’: Music as a Moral Clue in the Films of Martin Scorsese

Scorsese has left us clues in Wolf of Wall Street and his other “irredeemable” films as to the truly moral, redeemable nature of his work — particularly through his use of music.