Persuasion 134: Alexa Obeys My Every Command and So Should You

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson consider the ways that our modern communication styles are shaping the way we think and talk. Will Alexa give us practice using our commanding voice? Will it cause us to forget social graces?

An Ode to Magazines (the Paper Kind)

In the face of the threat to the very existence of the periodical, it does not seem out of place to offer support of the medium in overwrought spiritual terms.

Smartphones, Guns, and Black Mirror: The Shaping of Our Technology

Like Daly in the Black Mirror episode “USS Callister,” guns and technology allow us to imagine a world in which we call the shots.

Horizon Zero Dawn and the Technology That Enslaves and Saves Us

Horizon Zero Dawn is a story about creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, but one in which technology is the true religion and artificial intelligence the ultimate god.

The CAPC Digest: Black Mirror, Technology, and the Darkness of Our Hearts with Matthew Loftus

Tyler and Drew chat with Matthew Loftus about Black Mirror, technology, and the darkness of our hearts from his recent article “Nothing is New Under the Black Mirror.”

Augmented Peace and Virtual Shalom

Technology promises to give us our own personal utopia. But is that better than God’s shalom?

Nothing Is New Under the Black Mirror

If you need a cinematic gut punch, Black Mirror could be helpful.

Maybe Transhumanism Is Simply a New Way to Solve an Old Problem

Advances may enhance or prolong our physical experience, but nothing can erase God’s imprint.

The 25 Episode 9: ‘Feel the Love’, ‘Grantchester’ And Driverless Cars

The CaPC 25 for 2016 reaches the the 10th slot milestone as S.D. Kelly, Jonathan Clauson and special guest Drew Dyck debate between three different nominations to add to the list

The CAPC Digest #40: Searching For A Virtual Reality

Drew and Tyler chat with Stephen Addcox about the longing for a better world that is present both in pop culture’s handling of virtual reality.

How The Internet Brings Our Brokenness into Sharp Relief

Are we using the powerful, disruptive technology at our own fingertips to encourage, to think critically and compassionately, to spread shalom and create a “meaningful society”?

The Popcorn Church: How Obsession with Tech and the Arts Affects Our Worship

Is an appetite for the arts wrong? Not necessarily, but we must consider the affects right-brain emaciation might have on church and spirituality.