Tyler Glodjo - 27 posts

Tyler Glodjo (Editorial Advisor) earned his MA in Intercultural Studies at Union University and is currently pursuing a PhD in English Composition and TESOL at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Jackson, Tennessee, where he teaches ESL and adjuncts at nearby Union University.

Jason Morehead - 255 posts

Jason Morehead (Associate Editor) lives in the lovely state of Nebraska with his wife, three children, zero pets, and a large collection of CDs, DVDs, books, and video games. He's a fan of Arcade Fire and Arvo Pärt, Jackie Chan and Andrei Tarkovsky, "Doctor Who" and "Community," and C.S. Lewis and Haruki Murakami. He's also a web development geek, which pays the bills -- and pays for new music, movies, and books.

Alan Noble - 281 posts

Alan Noble, Ph.D., (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief) is an Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University. He received his Ph.D. from Baylor in 2013. He and his family attend City Presbyterian in OKC.

Joy Beth Smith - 1 post

Joy Beth Smith is a writer and editor, often overheard discussing singleness and sexuality, and her first book is due out early 2018 with Thomas Nelson. Follow her at @JBsTwoCents.

Erin Straza - 229 posts

Erin Straza (managing editor, magazine editor, and Persuasion podcast host) is a freelance writer and marketing communications consultant. Her first book is titled Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You (InterVarsity Press, 2017); she writes from the Illinois flatlands where she lives with her husband, Mike.

Wade Bearden - 38 posts

Wade Bearden is an editor at Christ and Pop Culture, as well as the co-host of Seeing and Believing (a film and TV podcast that searches for the sacred on screen). He's also a writer, pastor, and adjunct instructor at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. His first book, Failing Faith, is available now. Wade lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife and two sons. You can catch his blog at www.wadebearden.com or follow him on Twitter (@WadeHance).

Jonathan Clauson - 380 posts

Jonathan Clauson (Podcast Producer) started his career with Clear Channel radio in the late 1990s as a producer and on-air talent. He later graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Film & Video Production. After obtaining one IMDB credit to his name, he went to work for EA Sports Tiburon in Orlando, Florida. He is currently the Podcast Producer for CaPC, Christianity Today, and GameChurch and the host of #The25 for CaPC.

Marybeth Davis Baggett - 20 posts

Marybeth Baggett (Associate Editor) is Associate Professor of English at Liberty University and associate editor at MoralApologetics.com.

Seth T. Hahne - 15 posts

Seth T. Hahne (Illustrator) is a critic, illustrator, writer, and indie comics creator. He performs a kind of low-brow memoir-based lit-crit on comics, graphic novels, and manga at Good Ok Bad.

Luke T. Harrington - 142 posts

Luke T. Harrington manages social media for CaPC and writes the column "D-List Saints." Formerly, he wrote the column "LOL Interwebz". His work has also appeared at Cracked, BuzzFeed, Christianity Today, and elsewhere. His multiple-award-winning debut novel, OPHELIA, ALIVE (A GHOST STORY), is now available from Post Mortem Press.

S.D. Kelly - 45 posts

S.D. Kelly (Associate Editor) lives with her family in coastal New England where she writes and works with a local nonprofit.

Adam Marshall - 13 posts

Adam Marshall (Associate Editor) is a freelance writer, editor, and content developer. He lives in Canton, OH with his wife Brittany and two cats, Gwen and Aelfred.

Geoffrey Reiter - 93 posts

Geoffrey Reiter (Associate Editor) is Assistant Professor of English at the Baptist College of Florida. He holds a BA in English from Nyack College and a PhD in English from Baylor University, along with an MA in Church History from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Staff Writers


Cameron Armstrong & Țara M - 1 post

Cameron D. Armstrong is a missionary and PhD student at Biola University. Țara M. is a professional advertising creative and fantasy author. They both live in Bucharest, Romania, with their wives, Jessica and Elena.

Josiah "Duke" Harrist - 1 post

Josiah “Duke” Harrist is an Anglican, novelist, and world traveler from Colorado. His work has previously appeared in Kill Screen and various friends’ email inboxes. You can follow him on Twitter.

J. Stephen Addcox - 3 posts

J. Stephen Addcox is an Upper School English Teacher at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, where he teaches British and American literature. He also enjoys exploring the ways that digital technology is changing narrative and storytelling.

Anna Allen - 2 posts

Anna Virginia Allen is a recent graduate from Oklahoma Baptist University where she received a B.A. in English. She’s currently a writer at the Hobby Lobby Corporate Offices. She enjoys long naps on the couch with her cat, and reading into the wee hours of the night.

Cray Allred - 257 posts

Cray Allred is a wandering English major who works in technical writing by day. By night, Cray is a freelance writer and podcast producer for outlets covering sports, faith, and music. He co-founded Sunday Oldskool, a podcast dedicated to helping Christians better understand and engage the realm of hip hop. He spends the rest of his time feeling undeserving of his beautiful wife and daughters, being loved and fed at his church, and vicariously balling via an over-consumption of hoops and hip hop.

Hannah Anderson - 11 posts

Hannah Anderson is a freelance writer and author of Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God’s Image and Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul. She lives with her husband and three children in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. You can connect with her at her blog sometimesalight.com or on Twitter @sometimesalight.

Jordan Andlovec - 1 post

Jordan Andlovec is a grad student, barista, and occasional writer living in Portland, Oregon, where he is part of the Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins at Multnomah University. You can find him on Twitter at @likeacannon.

Ashley Anthony - 1 post

Ashley Anthony lives with her husband and daughter in St. Louis, Missouri, and is an Associate Instructor of English at Maryville University.

Dawn Cherie Araujo - 5 posts

Dawn Cherie Araujo is a religion reporter from Indianapolis. She is a graduate of Ball State University's magazine journalism program and also has a Master of Arts in Religion from Cincinnati Christian University.

Kurt Armstrong - 2 posts

Kurt Armstrong is a builder and a lay minister at Saint Margaret's Anglican. He's the author of Why Love Will Always Be A Poor Investment (Wipf&Stock), and has written for Image, Paste, and Geez among others. He and his wife live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with their three kids.

Jason Arnold - 1 post

Jason Arnold lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with his wife and family. He continues to work toward a vision of economic growth and development as a marketing manager at an agricultural technology company. He is slowly learning to love the liturgy of the Episcopal church.

Chad Ashby - 7 posts

Chad Ashby spent four years as a DJ for WSAJ, Grove City College Radio before moving on to more grown-up endeavors at Southern Seminary (M.Div.). He now pastors at College Street Baptist Church (Newberry, SC), where he continues to cultivate a schizophrenic taste for folk, hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, funk, and 4th c. hymnody. He and his wife, Mindy, have three boys, and he blogs regularly at After+Math. Follow him on Twitter @chad_ashby.

Allison Barron - 20 posts

Allison Barron is the executive editor of Area of Effect magazine, co-host of the Infinity +1 podcast, and staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture. When she's not writing, designing, or editing, she is usually preoccupied in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away.

Ben Bartlett - 110 posts

Ben Bartlett is a business consultant, living and working in Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife Samantha have three terrific kids. He loves reading, theology, politics, analysis, Ultimate Frisbee, and hiking. He also loves serving as an elder and teacher in his local church.

Ethan Bartlett - 10 posts

Amanda Martinez Beck - 6 posts

Amanda Martinez Beck is the managing editor for the Catholic East Texas Magazine, co-host of the Fat & Faithful Podcast and the Pine Curtain Catholics Podcast, and blogger at amandamartinezbeck.com. Her book on the goodness of bodies, weakness, and the Kingdom of God is forthcoming from Our Sunday Visitor in Fall 2018.

Arianne Benedetto - 1 post

Arianne Benedetto is a freelance writer who lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Anthony, and their four children. She guest blogs at The Verity Fellowship.

Kara Bettis - 11 posts

Kara Bettis is a Boston-based reporter and a regular freelancer on topics of faith, politics and culture.

Eric Bierker - 1 post

Eric Bierker lives in Columbia, Pennsylvania—another small, down-on-its-luck, post-industrial Pennsylvania town. A craft brewery, Columbia Kettleworks, has recently set up shop and the winds of craft are starting to stir. He likes to run, kayak, mountain-bike, and hike, then drink craft beer afterward with companions—what his buddy Rob calls “No Pain, No Beer.” He also is a home brewer with another buddy Matt, naming their beers stuff like: Vlad the Imperial Aler (a Russian Imperial Stout), Silver Brawls (a Belgian Quad made for Christmas 2015), Frankenrye (a Rye IPA beer), Burn Down the Farmhouse (a Saison), and St. Barnabas (a Belgian Dark named after his beloved cat Barnabas who passed from this world in 2001). Occasionally, he and his friends throw an author and beer party. He is a part-time writer for magazines and online periodicals and author of the book On the Edge: Transitioning Imaginatively to College. He blogs weekly at www.bierkergaard.blogspot.com. Follow him on Twitter @Bierkergaard.

Jeffrey Bilbro - 1 post

Jeffrey Bilbro is an Assistant Professor of English at Spring Arbor University in southern Michigan. His book, Loving God’s Wildness: The Christian Roots of Ecological Ethics in American Literature, is forthcoming from the University of Alabama Press.

Christy Box - 2 posts

Christy Box is an anthropology student at the University of Central Florida focusing on endangered languages, media representation, and disability studies. She intends to get a PhD in anthropology. In her spare time, she is a novelist and filmmaker.

Kirk Bozeman - 44 posts

Keegan Bradford - 2 posts

Keegan Bradford is a writer and teacher currently living in Guangzhou, China. He is a graduate of Liberty University and a fan of the doomed Buffalo, New York, sports franchises, and he recently bought a pair of very nice sweatpants that he is quite excited about.

Tim Briggs - 2 posts

Tim Briggs is the creative media pastor at Church at Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina). Tim loves technology, sports, reading, creating things, and rocking in a rocking chair. Follow him on Twitter @timbriggshere.

Phillip Bryant - 1 post

Phillip Bryant recently earned his B.A. in Film Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and he refers to himself as a writer and filmmaker, even though no one has told him he can yet. You can hail him on Twitter @_phillipbryant.

Aaron Bumgarner - 1 post

Aaron Bumgarner works as a speech-language pathologist in Oklahoma City Public Schools. He lives in Norman and attends Providence Road Church. He spends his time with his wife, his dachshunds, and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio when his schedule allows. Follow him on Twitter @bumaaron or visit him at http://abum190.wordpress.com.

E. Stephen Burnett - 58 posts

E. Stephen Burnett explores biblical truth and fantastic stories as editor of Lorehaven. He also writes for Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and Speculative Faith. He and his wife, Lacy, live in the Austin area and serve as members of Southern Hills Baptist Church.

Tyler Burns - 3 posts

Tyler Burns is a pastor, writer, and TV show host. He loves the Gospel, good hip hop, and strong coffee. Follow him on Twitter @Burns23.

James Cain - 1 post

James Cain is a freelance writer, editor, and teacher. He has taught Latin, literature, and writing at Oak Hill Classical School, where he has served as headmaster since 2007.

Rebecca Calhoun - 2 posts

Rebecca Calhoun has a B.A. in Media, Culture, and the Arts from The King's College. She lives, works, and writes in New York City.

Heather Caliri - 1 post

Heather Caliri is a writer whose work appears at Relevant.com, SheLoves Magazine, The Mudroom, ChurchLeaders.com, and (in)courage. She writes about seeking Jesus' easy yoke in her blog and in her free ebook, Dancing Back to Jesus: Post-perfectionist Faith in Five Easy Verbs.

Adam Carrington - 116 posts

Chris Casberg - 1 post

Chris Casberg is veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He writes from his home in Central Oregon, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Jeff Cavanaugh - 12 posts

Chris Chacko - 2 posts

Chris Chacko recently graduated with a Master in Public Health and is a co-founder of Creativity Four, an organization that helps empower artists to reflect Christian themes. Read more from Chris at http://cdotchacko.tumblr.com

Nate Claiborne - 45 posts

Nate Claiborne teaches high school Bible and works with an on-campus ministry at the University of Central Florida called Shift. Though a native Tennessean, he now gladly lives in central Florida with his wife, where reading outdoors can be a year round activity and Disney, Sea World, and Universal are more accessible.

Richard Clark - 999 posts

Richard Clark is the Founding Editor of Christ and Pop Culture. He is also the managing editor of Gamechurch and a freelance writer for Unwinnable, Paste, and other outlets. He lives with his wife in Louisville, KY and has a MA in Theology and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jennifer Clark - 2 posts

Jennifer Clark (Administrative Editor) works in online college student enrollment and lives with her husband in Louisville, KY.

Aric Clark - 1 post

Aric Clark is a writer, a speaker, and Presbyterian minister who lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two gremlins pretending to be his sons. He is the co-author of Never Pray Again: Lift Your Head, Unfold Your Hands, and Get To Work, a book which challenges readers to embrace a concrete other-centered spirituality. He is also the host of LectionARIC a youtube channel full of hermeneutical vlogs. When he is not writing, preaching, or parenting, Aric can be found engaging his tabletop gaming hobby or cooking for a crowd of random strangers he invited home without his wife’s permission. He is a pacifist, and he still can’t grow a beard.

Joey Cochran - 2 posts

Joey Cochran, a ThM graduate of Dallas Seminary, is the Church Planting Intern at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, Illinois under the supervision of Joe Thorn. Joey contributes to 9Marks, TGC, CBMW, GCD, Servants of Grace, and Christianity.com among others.

Bearden Coleman - 1 post

Bearden Coleman is an assistant professor of English and Film at The King's College. He lives in Brooklyn and tweets at @OzusCamera.

Blake I. Collier - 6 posts

Blake has a Masters degree in 19th & 20th Century British Imperial history from Texas Tech University. He writes consistently at his own website on horror film and culture, as well as co-hosting podcasts: Impossible to Say, The Smell of Music & The Body | The Blood. He is currently single and working as a draftsman for a small architecture firm in Amarillo, TX.

David Crabb - 1 post

David Crabb is on the staff of Training Leaders International in Minneapolis, MN. He is working on a doctorate in Global Christianity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and writes regularly at http://www.davecrabb.com.

Dan Crabtree - 5 posts

Dan Crabtree is a Washington D.C.-area IT guy, worship leader, and writer with a joyful passion for Calvinist theology and the glory of Jesus Christ. He has widely written about video games since 2009, currently writes about the intersection of faith and games at Christ and Pop Culture, and will continue writing until senility or Glory, whichever comes first.

Alan Cross - 1 post

Alan Cross is a Southern Baptist minister from Montgomery, Alabama and advocate for immigrants and refugees across the Southeast. He is the author of When Heaven and Earth Collide: Racism, Southern Evangelicals, and the Better Way of Jesus (NewSouth Books, 2014) and can be followed on Twitter at @AlanLCross.

Christopher Cruz - 1 post

Christopher Cruz is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Natasha. He received a B.A. in English from Florida International University and likes to write about theology, culture, and politics.

Gina Dalfonzo - 20 posts

Gina Dalfonzo is editor of BreakPoint.org and Dickensblog, and the author of One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church, to be released summer 2017. Her work has been published in The Atlantic, Christianity Today, First Things, The Weekly Standard, and elsewhere.

Timothy Dalrymple

S. A. Dance - 1 post

S. A. Dance teaches high school English in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also taught freshman composition at Holy Names University in Oakland, California, and at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Alice Daniels - 1 post

Alice Daniels is a college advisor to students with disabilities and also is a writer, editor, instructor, and speaker. She lives in Rockford, Illinois, with her husband and three children.

Brian Daskam - 1 post

Brian Daskam is a writer and communications professional. He lives with his wife and three kids in Denton, Texas.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis (Associate Editor) also writes for Get Religion.

Bradford William Davis - 4 posts

Bradford William Davis is passionate about baseball, Jesus, and hip hop, though hopefully not in that order.

Christie Dean - 10 posts

Abigail Dillon - 3 posts

Abigail Dillon is a college librarian in the Northern Midwest of the United States. Desperately fond of over-analyzing the media she loves, she is a content writer at HaloArchive.com, is an occasional guest writer at Eleven-ThirtyEight.com, and runs her own blog on DillonDevelopment.Wordpress.com.

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund - 1 post

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund teaches EFL and writes when she can. She received her MA in English from Baylor University. Before moving to Texas, she worked as a journalist in northeast Ohio. She is co-founder of Present Ghost, a blog of creative writing and music.

Drew Dixon - 163 posts

Drew Dixon is editor-in-chief of Game Church. He also writes about videogames for Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Bit Creature, and Think Christian.

Jennifer Dixon - 2 posts

Jennifer Dixon has an MA in biblical counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She's been a public high school teacher and has served in youth ministry at her local church & para church organizations for over 10 years.

Nana Dolce - 8 posts

Nana Dolce was born in Ghana, West Africa. She lives today in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Eric, and two home-schooled daughters. She has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Palmer Theological Seminary) and blogs at motherhoodandsanctity.com.

Charlotte Donlon - 4 posts

Charlotte Donlon is earning an MFA in creative writing from Seattle Pacific University and is freelance writer and copywriter. Making room for others and their stories is a priority for her, and she is grateful to have opportunities to do so through her writing and through her roles as a wife, mom, friend, and neighbor.

June Mears Driedger - 1 post

June Mears Driedger is a writer, spiritual director, and film buff who lives in Lansing, Michigan. As an Anabaptist Mennonite, she is bemused with her enjoyment of action films.

Dave Dunham - 313 posts

David Dunham - 22 posts

David Dunham is associate pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in the Detroit Metro.

Val Dunham - 44 posts

Val Dunham lives in southwest Virginia with her husband, Matt, and son, Declan. She enjoys sports, music, reading and writing fiction, and reminding everyone that she is originally from New England.

Jonathan Edwards - 1 post

Jonathan C. Edwards (MDiv, ThM) is the director of curriculum for Docent Research Group. His writing has been featured at The Gospel Coalition, Relevant, Desiring God, and the ERLC. He is the author of Left: The Struggle to Make Sense of Life When a Parent Leaves," (Rainer Publishing, 2016) available now. He and his wife, Katherine, live in Durham, North Carolina, where he is pursuing his DMin at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can follow him on Twitter @NotThePuritan. For more of his writing, visit www.NotThePuritan.com.

Jordan Ekeroth - 1 post

Caitlin Elliott - 1 post

Caitlin Elliott is an Adjunct Instructor at Liberty University, where she teaches English and Humanities courses. She still doesn’t understand Twitter, but you can find her on Instagram posting pictures of every dog she meets.

Peter Epps - 1 post

Peter G. Epps is a passionate devotee of the liberal arts. He currently serves as Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and as the Coordinator of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His interest in Religion & Literature Studies and 19th-Century British Poetry has led him to study figures on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific, including H. P. Lovecraft, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Shūsaku Endō.

J. E. Eubanks, Jr. - 2 posts

J. E. Eubanks, Jr. is a pastor and writer living in west Tennessee. His articles have been seen in print and online at ByFaith, Relevant, The Curator, Christianity Today, and others. Find more of Ed's writing at www.edeubanks.com and follow him on Twitter @edeubanks.

Jewel Evans - 55 posts

Jewel Evans lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, Mike. Running, reading, drinking coffee, and sharing photos on Instagram are some of her favorite things. She grew up in Miami, Florida, and she may be the only person living in Kentucky who's a Miami Heat fan. She and Mike are members at Third Avenue Baptist Church.

Michial Farmer - 2 posts

Michial Farmer is an assistant professor of English at Crown College and one-third of the Christian Humanist Podcast. His essays have appeared in Literature and Theology and Studies in Popular Culture, and his book Imagination and Idealism in the Works of John Updike will be released in March 2017. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Victoria.

Olivia Ard - 2 posts

Olivia Folmar Ard is the author of women's fiction trilogy The Bennett Series and Readers' Favorite 5-Star recipient for 'Tis the Season. She has a bachelor's in history and is pursuing a master's in marriage and family counseling. She and her husband, JD, live in central Alabama, where they await their miracle baby's arrival this November.

Amber Forcey - 1 post

Amber Forcey, who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with her husband and daughter, teaches college writing and literature online and at a local community college. She’s very grateful for those friends and teachers who taught her to see beautiful things in literature and life. When she’s not reading or planning class, she likes to go visit her very large extended family.

Evie Fordham - 1 post

Evie Fordham is a rising senior at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia. She grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Chris Fouche - 2 posts

Chris Fouche received a PhD in religion from the University of Florida. His research focused on food ethics and virtue. He loves environmental ethics, theology, and old books. Chris lives with his daughters in Windermere, Florida, about 15 minutes from Disney World.

Randall Fowler - 2 posts

Randall Fowler is a Rhetoric Lecturer in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core at Baylor University and an incoming doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland College Park.

Kathryn Freeman - 2 posts

Kathryn Freeman is the director of public policy of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission. She’s interested in helping Christians faithfully steward their public witness when it comes to policy, advocacy, and the pursuit of the common good. She loves a good book, a good cup of coffee, and singing along to Beyoncé. She lives in Austin, Texas, the promise land for breakfast taco and queso lovers.

Mark Galli - 1 post

Mark Galli is editor of Christianity Today.

Cort Gatliff - 3 posts

Cort Gatliff is a writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. He's pursuing a Mdiv at Beeson Divinity School. You can follow him on Twitter @cortgatliff.

Jessica Gibson - 2 posts

Jessica Gibson is a writer and filmmaker living in New York City. She's working on graduate studies in film producing at Columbia University and tweets only to gripe or fangirl at @GibbyTOD.

Karen Gonzalez - 1 post

Karen is a Guatemalan immigrant, a teacher, and an aspiring theologian in Baltimore, MD. She works in church engagement for immigrant advocacy for a non-profit and teaches English as a second language. She attended Fuller Theological Seminary, where she studied Cross-Cultural Studies. She's on twitter at @_karenjgonzalez

Adam Graber - 1 post

Adam Graber works at Tyndale House Publishers. His writing explores how technology is shaping faith.

John Graeber - 3 posts

John Graeber is a writer living in Chattanooga, Tennesee. He is a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has also contributed to Fathom Mag, Glide magazine, and Nooga.com. Follow him on Twitter @jbgraeber.

Michael Graham - 2 posts

Michael Graham is Associate Pastor of Orlando Grace Church and CFO of Allogy Interactive. He received his mDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary. When he’s not writing or administrating, he is travelling, running, or photographing with his wife. You can follow him on Twitter @ufmikeg.

Alex Grant - 1 post

Alex Grant is an Assistant Professor of English at Liberty University. He lives in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Rachel Griffis - 1 post

Rachel B. Griffis is a doctoral candidate in English at Baylor University, where she also teaches writing and literature. Learn more about her work at http://rachelbgriffis.com.

Blaine Grimes - 13 posts

Blaine Grimes is a teacher, writer, husband, and professionally licensed introvert. He received his M.A. in English from Texas Tech University. Blaine also writes at Reel World Theology , and he co-hosts Home One Radio, a weekly Star Wars podcast.

Josina Guess - 1 post

Josina Guess lives with her husband and their four children and works at Jubilee Partners, a Christian service community in Comer, GA. Over the past 35 years, Jubilee has offered hospitality and English lessons to more than 3,000 newly arrived refugees from over thirty countries including forty unaccompanied minors known as the “Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan” during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Matthew Gunn - 3 posts

Matthew Gunn is a graduate of Dalton State College in Dalton, Georgia. He's really into Doctor Who, anime, physics, Appalachian music, and reading books of all sorts. When these interests jumble in his head with pop culture, they end up in his personal blog, Thought Disposal, where you can find his brilliant and insightful thoughts (you know, both of 'em).

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund - 1 post

Jennifer Ditlevson Haglund is a writer and editor with a background in journalism and literature. She is co-founder of Present Ghost<, a blog of creative writing and music.

Stephen Hale - 2 posts

Ashley Hales - 1 post

Ashley Hales holds a PhD in English from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s the wife to a church planter in southern California, mom to four littles, and writer and speaker. Her first book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs, comes out with InterVarsity Press in 2018. Connect with Ashley at her website, aahales.com, or on Twitter at @aahales.

Ryan Hamm - 2 posts

Ryan E.C. Hamm is a writer and editor living in Ohio.

Josh Hamm - 1 post

Josh Hamm moonlights as a freelance writer, film critic, and film programmer. His work has been published at The Film Stage, Movie Mezzanine, CutPrintFilm, and elsewhere. He lives in Vancouver, B.C. and occasionally tweets at @ajoshhamm.

Doug Hankins - 20 posts

Tish Harrison Warren - 1 post

Tish Harrison Warren is a writer and a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. She and her husband work with InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at The University of Texas at Austin and have two young daughters. She writes regularly for The Well, InterVarsity's online magazine for women.

Joseph Hartropp - 1 post

Joseph Hartropp studied Theology at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He writes part time for Christian Today in London, and blogs about faith, hope, and pop culture at http://fortheloveofpimlico.blogspot.co.uk/. He loves superheroes and secretly believes that one day he will become The Batman. Also available for inane tweeting @JosephHartropp.

Joel Hartse - 1 post

Kyle Hatfield - 1 post

Kyle Hatfield is the communications pastor at Ekklesia in Eugene, Oregon. He helps host the Pop Theology Podcast and occasionally writes on his personal blog. Check out his website (www.kylerhatfield.com) and follow him on Twitter (@KyleRHatfield).