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Seeing and Believing 282 | Chad Hartigan’s Little Fish + Interview with Becoming Alien‘s Sarah Welch-Larson

Wade & Kevin review Chad Hartigan’s “Little Things” about a memory killing disease. Sarah Welch-Larson also talks about her book about “Alien”

Black History Month Roundup, 2021

These contributions are birthed from joy and lament, celebration and sadness, commemoration of the past and considerations of what can be in the future.

We Never Quite Figured out What “Political Correctness” Is, but We’re Still All Pretty Sure It’s a Bad Thing

By the late eighties, though, the American right had discovered political correctness, and—well—that crowd has never met a phrase it couldn’t turn into an insult.

WandaVision Recap: Therapist Says What? (Episode 8)

Agatha takes Wanda to therapy, and the show essentially takes its viewers to therapy, as well.

Persuasion 212 BONUS | Interview with Sarah Pabody

Listen to Hannah’s full interview with Sarah Pabody in this special members-only bonus episode!

Persuasion 212 | Garden Variety, with Sarah Pabody

Erin and Hannah explore our shared desire to find meaning through our work and in life, and Sarah Pabody stops in to share the lessons she’s learned growing flowers at Triple Wren Farms.

Seeing and Believing 281 | Shaka King’s Judas and the Black Messiah

Seeing & Believing closes out Black History Month with a review of Shaka King’s “Judas and the Black Messiah”.

The Utopian Peccadilloes of Star Trek: Lower Decks

The darker subtexts of Star Trek: Lower Decks point to the reality that, in a very real and metaphysical sense, there are no “little” sins.

WandaVision Recap: Shocking and Fantastic (Episode 7)

Wanda is no longer the picket fence housewife performing community magic shows. No. She’s the pajama-clad matriarch who knows her life is a mess.

Persuasion 211 | Universal Language, with James Beitler and Richard Gibson

Erin and Hannah invite James Beitler and Richard Gibson to discuss what we can do when the meaning behind our shared language shifts.

“Why Is Grace Now Civil Disobedience?” The Prophetic Politics of Five Iron Frenzy’s Until This Shakes Apart

Until This Shakes Apart collects Five Iron Frenzy’s most dynamic, urgent set of songs to date.

A Call to Bear Witness: Watching Russian Doll in the Time of COVID

Russian Doll speaks to the isolation and surreality of our pandemic moment.

Why Seventeenth-Century French Noblemen All Looked Like Grandmas

Giant, poofy white hair—something those of us alive today all associate with grandmas—somehow, for nearly a dozen generations, became a symbol of male power and virility. How did this happen?

WandaVision Recap: Unleash Hell, Demon Spawn! (Episode 6)

Pietro doesn’t mind if he leads Wanda back to the moral question of Westview, so long as she never acts on it. 

Persuasion 210 | Dust to Dust

Erin and Hannah talk about our tendency to press on with our plans until death disrupts us, and how we should be kind to all on the journey.

Seeing and Believing 280 | Simon Stone’s The Dig

Wade and Kevin dig into the film (heh) to examine themes of time, nature of life, and how the past can give meaning to the present and future.