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Zach Bryan Is Pinin’ After God’s Own Heart

You won’t find Zach Bryan on Christian radio and some churchgoers may blush at his brashness, but Christian themes roll off his tongue as smoothly as curses.

The Comic Case Against Trump

To those tempted to take a tragic view this election season, I would counter that the Christian vision of reality is in fact a comic one.

70 Years with Big G — Part Two: Judgment and Consequences in the Heisei Era

The Heisei Era films reflect a society aware of the complex relationship between human innovation and its unintended side effects.

70 Years with Big G — Part One: Sin and Salvation in the Showa Era

From a terrifying symbol of nuclear destruction to a beloved defender of Earth, Godzilla has captured the imaginations of diverse audiences.

Kacey Musgraves’ Search for “The Architect”

There is an architect, one that is not distant but rather, wants to be in relationship with every one of his creatures.

Why Mystery Is Crucial to Our Lives (And Why It’s Never Going Away)

The mysterious God of the universe uses mysteries, and His words in the Bible, to encounter and be encountered.

We Need To Calm Down About Taylor Swift

Instead of retaliating, what if we humbly listened to those who harbor genuine grievances, pain, and fears regarding Christianity?

Guilty as Sin? Mother Taylor Swift and Our Tortured Desires

What should we do with our desires and what do they do to us? How do our desires shape who we are?

A Monstrous Return: The Unexpected Success of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Simple tales of heroism, where good and evil are clearly demarcated, and where heroes overcome the odds, have an enduring appeal.

Dancing with TheWeightSaint: Richard Simmons’ (Surprisingly) Unsung Ministry

No matter where he was or who he came in contact with during his fitness evangelization heyday, Richard treated others with dignity.

Gilmore Girls and the Great Decentering of Motherhood

In Gilmore Girls, motherhood is a symbolic handing over of our life’s story, the giving up of ourselves for the ones who need us.

Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless Highlights the Beauty of the Incarnation

This is the paradox of Limitless and of life: we want to celebrate aging and, yes, even death, but we also fear both and try to stave them off as much as possible.

Improv and the Yes/And of Loving People Well

Improv is more than making people laugh. It can also teach us how to love them well, just like Jesus did.

Is a Religious Life a Wasted Life?

We are made for happiness, and happiness can only be found in the God of Holy Love.

Percy Jackson and the Journey of the Christian Convert

For both Percy Jackson and the Christian, to know your Father is to know your destiny—and in that, to find your true identity.

The Discordant Heroism of Maestro

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro ultimately tends toward the narcissism of its central character, Leonard Bernstein.