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Beware the Messiah: Dune and the Power of Faith

What is missing from the Dune films is the complexity of religion and humanity depicted by Frank Herbert in the novels.

Walter Martin’s Song, Niggle’s Leaf, and The God Who Makes All Things New

Tolkien’s story and Martin’s song tap into something that accompanies creative endeavors: the desire to make something of lasting value, to leave a mark in the world.

As Grief Metaphors Go, Godzilla Is Better than Most

When this allegorical behemoth lumbers through our lives, we are helpless in the wake of its devastation.

Stardew Valley and Rural Fellowship

Stardew Valley‘s strength is how it captures the struggles of underserved rural communities and the ties that bind residents together.

A Separate Bargain: How Grief Is an Act of Love

How many parents, driven to despair, have offered their lives to God or the devil if only their child could survive?

Natural as a Bear Attack: A Review of Chris Nash’s In a Violent Nature

Contrary to word on the street, In a Violent Nature is not a “deconstruction” of the slasher, nor is it a “meta” slasher.

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire: Why Do Some People Embrace the Dark Side?

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire suggests we are first meant to pity and forgive, not fight, our enemies.

When You Wish upon an Empty Star

Wish presents a fundamentally materialist Marxist world.

Unveiling the Great Women Behind Dune: Part Two‘s Great Men

If anyone is inclined to take away from this film the message that men shouldn’t listen to women because they’re shameless manipulators, then they’ve missed the point.

Wonka’s Recipe for a Sweeter Life

Wonka inspires a cherished hope, one that’s written on the heart of every believer.

Call for Features: Tribalism

Love and Loss with Metalcore

My daughter Jess died in 2015, yet through music, she feels less absent somehow. Her CDs are a bridge of sorts, conciliatory and consoling.

70 Years with Big G — Part Four: Apocalypse and Hope in the Reiwa Era

Godzilla is a towering figure in modern mythopoeia, embodying the apocalypse of divine retribution and judgment.

Exposing the Arbitrary Line Between “Adult” and “Mainstream” Treatments of Sex

Art can be pornographic even if not intentionally so.

70 Years with Big G — Part Three: Renewal and Reflection in the Millennium Era

The Millennium Era set a precedent for risk-taking through its innovative anthology format in an effort to reestablish Godzilla’s identity.

Red Dawn’s Conflicted Christian-Pagan Heroism and the Need for Chivalry

At its worst and best, Red Dawn challenges us to think about how we see war, masculinity, and honor.