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Dancing in the Dark: Finding Flickers of Meaning in Pop Music Nihilism

How is it that a catchy melody, solid groove, or infectious hook can make you want to dance to even the darkest and most nihilistic of thoughts?

Redeeming Love Does a Disservice to Hosea and to Women

Conflating the relentless love of God in a literalistic manner with the romantic love of a man and woman is harmful.

The Beautiful Community and Brutal Scapegoating in The Peasants

This 2023 animated adaptation of the acclaimed Polish novel highlights the tension between tradition and community, and modern individualism.

St. Augustine’s Disordered Loves and The Iron Claw

The Von Erichs’ tragic history is a warning against what happens when we value some things more highly than we ought to.

The Parable of the Three Princes: A Review of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown does not simply tell a story about defeating a villain; it tells a story about saving a soul.

The Iron Claw and the Grip of Generational Sin

Generational sins may undoubtedly shape our bent towards a vice or idol, but we are the ones who ultimately succumb or resist.

Faith as Drama: God and the Individual in The Passion of Joan of Arc

Carl Theodor Dreyer’s film triumphs as spiritual art due to its moving portrait of an individual who valued faith above all else.

Dear Alien, Who Art in Heaven: Finding God in Asteroid City

Asteroid City expresses a conviction that God speaks, but questions whether that speech is intelligible.

The Scandal of Reading 37 | Tiffany Kriner on Louise Erdrich’s LaRose

Tiffany Kriner joins Claude Atcho to discuss Louise Erdrich’s novel, LaRose, as it relates to the fruit of the Spirit: Peace.

Mixing Faith and Feminism: A Reaction to Bonnie Garmus’s Lessons in Chemistry

How can we better our culture to make God’s ideal plans easier to follow, and not just for those who are privileged?

CAPC’s Favorite Games, Memes, and Cultural Moments of 2023

Our favorites include epic fantasy, dark academia, the Duggar sisters, Pedro Pascal, and more.

CAPC’s Favorite Books of 2023

Our favorite books of 2023 include an examination of feminism, musings on culture and psychology, space opera, Timothy Keller, and more.

CAPC’s Favorite Music of 2023

Our favorite music of 2023 includes the return of pop music icons, a pop-punk reunion, goth legends in concert, Tay Tay (of course), and more.

The Scandal of Reading 36 | Winn Collier on Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow

Winn Collier joins Austin to discuss the work of American novelist Wendell Berry: Jayber Crow set in the fictional town of Port William

CAPC’s Favorite TV of 2023

Our favorite TV of 2023 includes academic comedy, zombie horror, trickster gods, the final frontier, and more.

CAPC’s Favorite Films of 2023

Our favorite films of 2023 featured existential comedy, movie monsters, the world’s favorite Nazi-punching archaeologist, assassins, and more.