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In No One Will Save You, One Woman Seeks Forgiveness and Acceptance Amidst an Alien Invasion

Brian Duffield’s genre-bending film affords ample opportunity to ask deep questions about suffering, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Chasing God: The Divine Quest of Eugene Exman

The open-minded liberal Protestantism of publisher Eugene Exman blinded him to significant aspects of the human experience.

Thanksgiving Day Family Fun Ideas

If your family or close-knit community doesn’t have an annual Thanksgiving Day tradition or is looking for one, then we’ve got your back.

Hospitality and the Weight of Moralism in Amazon’s Jack Ryan

Taking the high road is easy if you’re a pharisee. It’s harder if you’re a utilitarian. Jack Ryan is (un)lucky in that he’s both.

Air Jordan: Relic of Desire

The film Air treats the Air Jordan with a reverence befitting its cultural status; holy relics elicit similar feelings, offering a tangible link to transcendence through the imprint of a remarkable individual’s body. 

Stronger Than the Ropes: Family, Fellowship, and Local Professional Wrestling

The independent wrestling circuit begins with genuine connection and a familial bond with fans: the spectacle comes secondarily.

Barbie as Portal Fantasy—and What That Means for Greta Gerwig’s Narnia Adaptation

C.S. Lewis’s adored classic now shares space with Barbie as part of the subgenre of portal fantasy.

The Scandal of Reading 30 | Grace Hamman on Revelations of Divine Love

This week’s Fruit of the Spirit is Love with medievalist, Grace Hamman discussing “Revelations of Divine Love” by Julian of Norwich.

The Texas Rangers Are Proof That Superstitions Aren’t Real

If we’re honest, I’m sure some of us have, indeed, lived out our belief in God in some “superstitious” form or manner.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Embody Hope for the Rest of Us

These two Jedi offer a helpful corrective, both to “Chosen One” heroes and to the opposing swing towards darker antiheroes.

The Haunting of Hercule Poirot: Ghosts versus Little Gray Cells

Poirot learns the limits of his overreliance on rationality, and is beckoned to the realm of faith and the light of life.

The Scandal of Reading 29 | Philip Yancey on John Donne

Philip Yancey discusses the devotionals of John Donne with Jessica Hooten Wilson and how they relate to the spiritual fruit of patience.

How Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot Becomes a Christ-Haunted Genius

Branagh’s Poirot is not just a detective solving crimes but a pilgrim navigating the labyrinth of the soul’s darker questions.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 5: Finding Contentment in The Nightmare Before Christmas

While boredom may be a first-world problem, disillusionment at being off track with one’s identity is universally human.

The Scandal of Reading 28 | Shemaiah Gonzalez on Joy: 100 Poems

Shemiah Gonzales talks with Jessica about Christian Wiman’s Joy: 100 Poems and the constant debate on how to define “joy.”

What We Get Right, and Wrong, About Hope in Sports

There are plenty of opportunities for us to practice hope in more significant or critical life circumstances by practicing hope in sports.