Every week, our writers will be sharing some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.

Frequent commenter, Seth T. Hahne has composed a list of his Top 100 Comic Books. A great list.

A liberal finds that she just can’t help but play videogames like a conservative.

Here’s one of the best personal accounts of multiplayer gameplay I’ve ever read.

I think it’s time to share “suparnagalaxy,” a hilarious wiki dedicated to a fake sci-fi RPG in the style of Mass Effect. I feel honored to have seen this idea born on Twitter and then given life in the form of this wiki. In particular, check out the incredible soundtrack page.

Seems like this is a debate that’s coming to a head in the gaming realm: Will Wright, creator of The Sims, says games are not the right medium to tell stories.

If She Dies, You Die – a fantastic rumination by former Paste games editor and current Edge Magazine features editor on what two games, Ico and Enslaved, can say to us about marriage.

Gina Dalfonzo raises the possibility that The Social Network’s misogyny is Aaron Sorkin’s and not Mark Zuckerberg’s.

Sam Van Eman questions the standard motives for going to college.

Brent Thomas has written a balanced and thoughtful look at the PR video for Rob Bell’s forthcoming book Love Wins.

Kay S. Hymowitz writing for the Wall Street Journal asks “Where have all the Good Men Gone?” This is a rather sad but sobering look at why young men are delaying “growing up” looking at various examples from pop culture along the way.

Is Europe Poised for a Revival of Fascism? Ian Kershaw doesn’t exactly think so but lays out how it could happen given the current European political climate.

Don’t be the friend who assumes you’ve read every one of their tweets or Facebook updates.

Extra Credits recently released an Open Letter to EA Marketing that highlights some regrettable decisions made by their marketing team that have been noted on CAPC.

Game Developers Conference Wrap-Up: Kyle Orland reports on an interesting debate on the relative evils of social games.  Leigh Alexander reports on Jane McGonigal’s address at the Gamification Summit in which she says what she is trying to do isn’t gamification.  Kris Graft reports on the GDC Gamification panel and asks, “is it time to ditch the term ‘gamification’?” Sadly, I could not find any articles about Clint Hocking’s Dynamics: The State of the Art that is sure to soon be remedied though.

I love a good survival story. Here’s hoping, if their story is made into a movie, the faith of the miners will be a major theme.

Gregory Wolfe ponders the idea of being “religious but not spiritual”.

A female gamer plays Dragon Age: Origins and is surprised at how it allows for a subversion of the normal treatment and presentation of females in video games.

As a father and a geek, I got a good chuckle from Goodnight Dune, an Arrakis-ified version of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon.

AppStorm has gathered together a list of “10 Games that You Loved as a Kid Reborn on the iPhone”.

If you thought the music industry wasn’t doing so well, you’re wrong: it’s doing worse… much worse.


Christopher B. Hayes offers a compelling case for why Christians ought to be less reactionary to offensive culture and posits that our wild reactions are counterproductive.

78 year old, Francis Piven, is on Glenn Beck’s naughty list.  Read about how his tirades against her have provoked death threats and necessitated FBI involvement.