All this week, the writers of Christ and Pop Culture unveil their 25 most loved things of  2013. 

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#13. Gravity

As jumpy as I can be, I love a good thriller. There is something about holding onto the edge of your seat, calling out, and reaching for the screen as something entirely out of your control takes place before your eyes. Sometimes, the thrill fostered within us comes from the possibility of it being a reality. The thrill in Gravity has no chance of becoming a reality for me, and yet, I could not help but be invested in the film and Stone’s danger, and her fight to save her own life.

What I appreciated most about the film was the display in Bullock’s character of an innate desire within humanity for control and safety in the midst of realities that push against that. Stone’s life back home is full of sadness and despair, and we find ourselves wondering if she really wants to live. Stone gives off the impression that she would be content to float in space alone, silence as her company.

But when that prospect becomes a potential reality, she fights for survival. Stone tethers dangerously to her partner, Kowalski, in the vast expanse of space, and soon realizes that her own fate is out of her control as she fights desperately to stay connected to him. Displayed between Stone and Kowalski is humanity’s own fight to not get lost in a vast and endless void. Stone wants to live, she prays, not knowing how to pray. We give a hearty amen, wanting Stone to make it because we want to make it ourselves. The film ends with Stone standing and walking shakily upon the earth. As a result, life feels a little more hopeful for all of us.

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