Eat Your Vegetables: “Annie Hall,” Romance, and Real Love

“I get the feeling that remembering what was supposedly great is far more fun that actually experiencing said greatness.”

Mixed Signals: Fast Phones Expose Your Inner Ugly

“Sometimes having the latest and greatest the market has to offer plays right into our pride, and we become the worst versions of ourselves.”

Music at Mars Hill: Spotify and the Culmination of a Century of Commercial Music

“Have you ever thought about what the phonograph replaced? About what recorded music replaced?”

What Memes Mean: #Shamrocking McDonald’s Attempt at Forcing Meme

“It appears that meme is something you just can’t force.”

The Female Gaze: Great Expectations

“Your worth, our worth, is not determined by our bodies, or our seduction skills.”

The Minority Report: Prom – iscuity

“No matter how fastidiously we have instilled a healthy sense of self worth in our daughters, they are going to be tempted to show more skin than we are comfortable with.”

God and Country Music: ‘No Depression’ in Heaven

“No Depression and the Church share the same stories of pain, sin and the human condition.”

Citizenship Confusion: Online Evangelism?

“How should we use the web to fulfill the Great Commission?”

The Kiddy Pool: Pregnant Joggers, Black Kids in Hoodies, and the Strangers Among Us

“These are lessons that I need to teach my daughters, to be cautious and mindful, to use good judgment, and I somehow need to do that without instilling paranoia.”

Obamacare, the Supreme Court, and the Darkness of Hearts

The health care debate forces us to face questions about who we are as citizens, moral actors, children of God.