Unplanned Pregnancies in the Military on the Rise

We have a duty to identify the inbred misogyny that leads to servicewomen being assaulted in such appallingly high numbers.

The Battle of Sexes and Two Guys Strapped to a Childbirthing Pain Simulator

A Marriage Ink Blot

To the Marketing Director: These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

The Kiddy Pool: The Problem of Inheritances

I can by no means guarantee a financial bequest…but I possess spiritual gifts from a God whose abundance is infinite.

30 Rock Finale and the Lesson of Ecclesiastes

Music Matters: 3 Ways of Looking at Beyonce’s Halftime Show

With the media referring to her and husband Jay-Z as the Obama’s of the entertainment industry, what Beyonce does has huge ramifications on our culture and I hope she makes her choices wisely.

What They Want Us to Believe: We Tackle the Super Bowl Commercials Head On

We sort through the stuff in between the game and get down to reality.

Immigration Reform and the Christian Welcome Wagon

“Here’s to Christians being at the forefront of the welcome wagon and taking our cue from Scripture rather than political climates.”

According to Andrew O’Hehir, Football Is in a Well-Deserved ‘Death Spiral’

“There’s simply too much negativity, controversy, and damage surrounding the sport for it to remain as it currently is.”

Virginia’s Gerrymandering Violates the Golden Rule in Politics

“‘Do unto others’ includes imposing rules on others that you would have them impose on you.”

Israeli Eugenics: Forced Birth Control for Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants

“To resort to eugenics, a weapon so often used against the Jews (themselves labeled ‘undesirable’ throughout the world) does not protect Jewishness.”

Stingy Tipping Is of the Devil; Blaming God for Stinginess Is an Abomination

“If you get caught being a jerk, then please own it.”

Project Runway Season 11 and the Individual Talent: Is Fashion Really a Team Sport?

When God Is a Woman

3D Printers Create a New World of Possibility and Controversy

“3D printers, in and of themselves, may be perfectly legal, but what they’re used to produce can create legal, regulatory, and even ethical concerns.”