Human Vulnerability in the Midst of Tragedy at Fort Hood

How can we live normal lives in a world seemingly governed by painful chaos?

CAPC Podcast #21 – ACLU Fights for Bible Reading, Cee-Lo Departs The Voice, Congressional LARPing

Walking with the Dead: The Evil Inside

“You can’t live in this world without getting blood on your hands, or teeth. “

LOL Interwebz: The Overly Attached Girlfriend of Noble Character Who Can Find?

The Resurrected Memories of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s newest film entertains questions about myth and the unique truthfulness of memory.

Holy Relics: The Christian Flag

If one’s eyes go crosswise during a lengthy sermon, it’s not unlikely that the Christian and American flags set next to one another will bleed together into a red, white, and blue smudge.

CAPC Podcast #20 – April Fools, #cancelcolbert, The Pope’s Confession

The Matrix Parable: Should We Interpret Scripture Through Culture?

I tell myself that I’d much rather live in a world in which I can chastise a pastor for using Die Hard in his sermon illustration. But I’m wrong.

Call for Writers

Want to write for Christ and Pop Culture?

“And Death Shall Be No More”: Going beyond Transhumanism for Kids

In ‘Death Is Wrong,’ transhumanist author Gennady Stolyarov II asserts that human beings can and should pursue ways to eradicate death; but only trusting the adequacy of God’s provision can instill a hope for the death of death.

The Kiddy Pool: Tiny Dancer

The decision-making process of enrolling my daughter in dance class reflected the tension of choosing and letting go.