“God’s Not Dead” and the Angry Atheist Professor: That Was Not My Experience

I’m concerned that God’s Not Dead perpetuates a false stereotype: that of the bully atheist philosophy professor who is out to destroy every Christian student’s faith.

Dubious Depictions of Faithfulness in ‘God’s Not Dead’

The cross Christians are called to take up by ‘God’s Not Dead’ is more akin to a merit badge, a gold star on a class assignment.

“God’s Not Dead,” But this Trope Is

“These stories comprise a popular evangelical trope and reveal a collective fantasy we have of humiliating arrogant atheists.”

God’s (Still) Not Dead: 12 Modest Sequel Proposals

CaPC came up with the following ideas at our last pitch meeting, and each of them is 100% guaranteed to make for a positive™, uplifting™, and family-friendly™ viewing experience.

Not That Different: Two Generations and the Single Life

We’re both bombarded with the idea that life will be perfect if we just find the right beautiful person. And if we can’t, then at least we should have some fun in the meantime.

Tig Notaro’s Comedy of Dying

Comedian Tig Notaro turns her cancer diagnosis into the heart of her stand-up routine, making death itself the joke.

LOL Interwebz: Life Hacks, Traditions, and Why Your Wine Wants You Dead

Traditions are infinitely bigger than you are, and you can’t make them hip and modern any more than you can change the current of a river by jumping into it.

YOLO! SNL Turns the Phrase On Its Head And Demonstrates Another Kind of Faithlessness

Footnotes in the Sand

Guest writer, Seth T. Hahne demonstrates how Joe Sacco’s new book strips Gaza to reveal a most disconcerting truth about the problem in Palestine.

After Books and Culture: 9 Ways to Share the Cost of Cultural Engagement

Books and Culture dealt with a crucial imperative for the Church: “engaging the culture” seriously and substantially.

How to Be an Atheist: Working out the Worldview of a Skeptic, Free for CAPC Members

Mitch Stokes’ ‘How to Be an Atheist’ shows the work of the worldview of a skeptic.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25

The 2014 Christ and Pop Culture 25: #20 to 16

A List of Our Favorite Things from 2014, from #16 to #20.

Moms’ Night Out: Chaos without Grace

If motherhood is reduced to cleaning the house, moving children from one location to another, and ensuring their physical safety, it’s no wonder so many moms are unhappy.

Moving Images: Interpreting Film In Spirit and Truth

What the Academy Award Best Picture Nominees Say about God, Faith, and Religion

This year’s Academy Awards best picture nominees each possess a particular way of understanding what it means to be human. They answer inquiries of vast religious significance. “Where are we going?” “How might human joy be obtained?” and “What does the nature of sacrifice entail for the world around us?”