The Holy Huddle: The 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tournament Final Four Recap

“both the men’s and women’s tournaments reveal that religion still has a role in American culture in the 21st century.”

The 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tourney Sweet 16 Recap

“Let us have the education of people until they are 22, and you may have them thereafter.”

The Holy Huddle: The 2012 CaPC Hoops Tournament Update Weekend 1

“Are you listening Baylor? Don’t get too comfy in that top-15 spot. Keep fighting the good fight.”

Introducing the 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tournament

Forget March Madness. Christ and Pop Culture is hosting a competition with real stakes.

Fosse/Verdon Recap, “Me and My Baby” (Episode 3)

Gwen finds herself trapped by the very expectations that her talent and hard work have brought her.

Dear Evan Hansen Addresses Our Culture’s Pervasive Loneliness

Dear Evan Hansen teaches us there is no substitute for true community.

The Goodness of Community in the Stories of Michael Schur

I’m always happy to find stories that acknowledge the difficulty of living in community with others and show how we can live out (even in stumbling ways) manners of living peaceably with all.

Wisdom in the Summer Garden

Unlike the pitcher, the gardener cannot rely on her own strength to get her very far. Can she, after all, cause a seed to sprout?

CAPC Magazine, Special Summer Edition: Some Some Summertime

Summer is the season for dreaming, for change, for rebirth, for confession. Read all about it in this special edition of the Christ and Pop Culture Magazine.

The Best Senior Christmas Murder Pageant Mystery Play Ever! (CUE APPLAUSE NOW)

This Christmas, let’s step back and consider what we are inviting the world to observe.

Spider-Man Comes Home to Marvel and His Fans

Spider-Man finally joins his superhero friends in the Marvel universe. Is he still the same Spidey?

Touchdown Jesus: The Human Cost of Amateur Sports

Should collegiate athletes be paid?

Touchdown Jesus: Every Mav Was Right In His Own Eyes

Losing makes you crazy, and the Christian fan is not exempt from being possessed by irrational fan demons.

We Are All Participants

Our hearts and our bodies groan for something to believe in, for someone to follow, for somewhere to belong.

We Are All Participants

Holy Relics: A Crockpot

Lined with residual food stains, the ringed basin of a crockpot might contain clues about its age.