President’s approval rating drops to 48%. What do you think caused the decline?


  1. Was this survey done before or after the President waded into the issue with the Harvard professor that was arrested for disorderly conduct? The President’s comments sounded a little too much like Rev. Wright / Jesse Jackson. For an American President to intrude into a community matter, to such an extent that without knowing the facts he would impugne the competency and integrity of a police officer (by saying he acted stupidly and by implying race was a factor in the cop’s actions) is, to put it mildly, outrageous. If that hasn’t already affected his approval ratings, I suspect it will help wear a little of the lustre off his presidency. But healthcare has to be considered front and center–I think he’s pushing a policy that the majority of Americans simply do not favor, and this is the first time many people are beginning to see that his policies are not so moderate as they were led to believe.

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