Occupied Reveals the Difficulty of Doing Good in a World That Refuses to Define It

In this controversial Norwegian TV series, deception and conflict go hand in hand.

13 Reasons Why: When Only Grace Will Do

What do we do with our imperfect virtue, our guilt, our pathetic attempts at love?

In Arrival, Language Is the Name of the Game

Arrival paints a clear picture of how important language is to forming and sustaining societies.

What’s Their Problem? Sharing Our Pews with Sexual Abuse Victims and Survivors

The first step in creating a healthy atmosphere for survivors and recovering offenders is to focus our empathy on the survivors.

Holy Relics: The Campfire

Why go out into the wilderness if not to meet God-The-Consuming-Fire, hands outstretched to toast marshmallows over His light and warmth?

The Best Is Yet to Come

The tragedy of lost childhoods can be redeemed and the wistfulness we sometimes feel over the past is an intimation and foretaste of a future of healing and joy and restoration.

We Would Do Foster Care Again, Even Though It’s Nuts

It is difficult to think about loving a child again who isn’t legally mine, because my heart doesn’t know the difference.

Do Christians Have Poor Cultural Taste?

“We go to the movies and read books with a pre-approved ideology and plot already in mind. It’s like going to a get-together hoping to meet only ourselves.”

The Goldfinch: The Role of Beauty in Leading Us to Jesus

The Goldfinch movingly illustrates the human craving for beauty, the innate longing for transcendence.

The Surprising Parenting Problems of Unlimited Screen Time

I’ve been disheartened by the judgments I’ve lorded over my children, even if only in my mind.

Jennifer Knapp and the Long Road Back

Number 6: Addie Zierman describes her journey from the center of Christian Culture to outskirts and back again, a path that mirrors Knapp’s own journey.

Dances with Horses: One Year After Gangnam Style, a Former Resident of Gangnam Reflects

“Gangnam Style” presents itself to us as a valuable cultural barometer, a textual window into our world.

Connecting Head and Hands: The Tragedy of Science Fiction Without Redemption

Modern cinematic works of science fiction try to imitate the message of Metropolis, showing the resourcefulness of humanity to solve its own problems, many of which it also created.

Does God Listen to Rap? An Interview with Curtis Allen

“Rap is bridging the gap between two different worlds and is accomplishing more gospel unity than possibly any other artistic effort the church pursues.”

Why Complementarian Women Should Read Jesus Feminist

According to guest writer, Lore Ferguson, Jesus Feminist is not the tired story of a woman raised in patriarchy and conservative theology who threw off her shackles after a theological awakening.

Steve McQueen and Discovery of the Self

Guest Contributor Esther O’Reilly explains how Steve McQueen found his true self later in life.