In Memory of Larry Prater

His life’s work was the common and righteous work of loving those around him until he physically was incapable of serving others.

On Rest and Christmas

Why does resting on Christmas make some people anxious?

On Comics, Colliders, and Cave Pictures: An Interview with Mark Rodgers

Author Mark Rodgers sits down with Alan Noble to talk about writing a comic book inspired by E. M. Forster.

The Christ and Pop Culture 25 of 2018: #20 to #16

A list of our favorite things from 2018, from #20 to #16.

YouVersion Bible Lens App: Mediating the Bible through Your Life

All of this mediation draws us away from the actual Word of God and toward our minds and an awareness of our public identity.

Apply to become a CxPC Editor-in-Training

Calling young visionaries! Apply to our editor-in-training program and become a future leader of CxPC.

Death and the Limits of Online Friendships: Beth Hall Mitchell

Beth’s witness shows that “real” community, with vulnerability and obligations and joy and weeping and love, can exist wherever people are willing to use words to bear with one another over time.

Voting for Donald Trump Is Not the Only Conservative Option

The moral pragmatism which says that we must vote for Trump because anything else is a vote for Clinton is a false choice.

Be Careful Whom You Blame for Trump

“Maybe, just maybe, you are part of the reason conservative voters are afraid enough to support Trump.”

How Trump Happened: The Wages of Fear and the Brave Way Forward

Trump’s rise to political prominence reveals the need for conservative evangelicals to offer a better, truer, more just vision of our country.

Under New Management: Christ and Pop Culture’s Future

Ferguson and Abortion as the “Solution” to Black Crime?

An upcoming report on racial discrimination in the Ferguson, Missouri justice systems reveals troubling beliefs about black crime shared across party lines.

ChristianExaminer Deceives Readers about Russell Moore

Holy Relics: The Full Armor of God (Playset)

Sin’s Part in the System (and Vice Versa): Thoughts on Voddie Baucham’s “Thoughts on Ferguson”

The difference between Thabiti Anyabwile’s reaction to the Ferguson grand jury’s decision and Voddie Baucham’s reveals a divide in American society.

Christian Book about the Holocaust Banned from Charter School? Probably Not.