Call for Pitches: Making Fun of Our World

Why Did Obama Say ISIL is Not Islamic? Because He’s not a Fool

In Appreciation of Studio Ghibli

The wonder and genius of the animated films from Studio Ghibli have become signposts for many of us at Christ and Pop Culture. We share our appreciation for Studio Ghibli films.

Citizenship Confusion: Why Conservatism Needs an Imagination and a Purge

“Disgusting”—that is an actual word a GOP official used to describe efforts to encourage a black community to vote.

When Existence Becomes Seemingly Impossible

Robin Williams’ tragic death woke me from the stupor of modern life yesterday.

Citizenship Confusion: Ebola and the Faithful Witness of Writebol and Brantly

Citizenship Confusion: The Fast-Food Culture Wars are BACK!

Farewell, Burger King. We’ll hardly miss thee.

Call for Feature Articles on Shopping for CaPCMag!

Call for Feature Articles on Christ and Nation for CaPCMag!

Call for Feature Articles on Vacations for CaPCMag!

Send us a feature article pitch!

The Unattainable Good Life of Elliot Rodger

Elliot wanted the Good Life that has been officially sanctioned, marketed, and promoted by our culture.

A Body among Bodies

Deformity and the Church

The Matrix Parable: Should We Interpret Scripture Through Culture?

I tell myself that I’d much rather live in a world in which I can chastise a pastor for using Die Hard in his sermon illustration. But I’m wrong.

Rethinking Shame

“The evangelical church must move from the image of expulsion from the Garden to the victory at the Cross, where our shame went to die.”

What Your Facebook Like Does

While we’re deciding willy-nilly what our Likes mean, Facebook has its own way of interpreting them, and their interpretation affects the way we communicate to one another.

CAPC’s Approach to Culture: The Whole, Glorious Truth

We can no longer convince ourselves that we are merely dabbling in popular culture. The truth is, we’ve always been a part of it.