Loving Our Syrian Neighbors: What We Can Learn from the Betsy-Tacy Books

Even today, characters in the Betsy-Tacy series of classic children’s books have something to teach us about how to treat the stranger in our midst.

Is Love ‘UnREAL’? The Danger of the Romance-Industrial Complex

‘UnREAL’ forces us to face the cruelty behind the Romance-Industrial Complex, and our own complicity as viewers.

Can I Upgrade My iPhone and Still Be a Good Consumer?

Is being a good consumer ultimately impossible?

Can Ads Change the World? Thoughts on #likeagirl, #beyourway, and #shinestrong

We should never be tricked into thinking that ads exist to do anything other than sell us things, and we should never start to believe that being better consumers is the key to building a better world.

It Takes a Church: Where a Reality Dating Show Based on a Worthy Assumption Went Wrong

The presentation of romantic love and fulfillment in It Takes a Church is deeply problematic, adopting our culture’s obsession with romance and personal fulfillment and calling it Christian.

That’s So Me: The Divine Lure of the Buzzfeed Quiz

Our desire to take quizzes, and to share our results on social media, reflects the human, God-given desire to be known and named.

Leaving the Mommy Wars for Something More: An Interview with Hannah Anderson

Made for More is not a call to do more but a call to discover that we already are more.

‘Found’: A Memoir That Teaches Us How to Pray

Boyett shows us that connecting with God doesn’t have to follow the same formula throughout your life.

Why I’m Still Over the Moon About Veronica Mars

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” and the Power of Adoption

In a world where belonging so often depends on bloodlines, nationality, or economics, God uses adoption to demonstrate the radical inclusivity of his kingdom.

Is the Proper Christian Response to the Grammys to Walk Out?

Grant’s decision to leave, and her decision to post on Facebook about it, were probably well-intentioned, but that doesn’t mean they were wise.

Beware the Frozen Heart

A Disney story set in the snow can help thaw a girl’s heart.

Pajama Boy is Everything That’s Wrong with American Manhood! (and Other Misconceptions)

How did an ad for Obamacare mutate into a debate over masculinity?

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24. When We Were On Fire: “The Dismantling of Christian Cliches” #CaPC25

You Can Keep Walter White. I’ll Take Inspector Foyle