From Cairo to Christ by Abu Atallah, Free for CAPC Members

Simply put, From Cairo to Christ is an uplifting, illuminating, and convicting read.

Telling Stories: Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman’s new book reminds us that stories are made to be loved, cherished, told, and retold.

Nordic Noir Reveals That Earth’s Happiest Nations Are Not as Utopian as They Seem

Nordic noir’s bone-chilling revelation is that no matter how far we progress as a society, we are limited and weighed down by our corrupt natures.

The Best Children’s Books of 2016 Are Full of Joy and Wonder

Here are a few of 2016’s best children’s novels; they’re sure to fill you and your loved ones with a sense of childlike joy and wonder.

Real Life and Real Redemption in N.D. Wilson’s The River Thief

Author and filmmaker N.D. Wilson’s first full-length feature film The River Thief offers real grit, real storytelling, and real redemption.

New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story

New Super-Man offers hope to the marginalized and gives a voice to the outcasts of twenty-first century society.

Finding Ability in Finding Dory

How do we see disability in others? How do we see it in ourselves? The film ‘Finding Dory’ challenges our perception of disability in entertaining and compelling Pixar fashion.

Makoto Fujimura’s Silence and Beauty, Free for CaPC Members

The thoughtful analysis of Silence’s unforgettable climax makes Fujimura’s ‘Silence and Beauty’ a must-read for Endo critics and fans alike.

Magic, Closer to Home: N. D. Wilson’s ‘Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle’

N. D. Wilson’s ‘Outlaws of Time: The Legend of Sam Miracle’ can awaken in you a childlikeness that perhaps you have forgotten.

We Wish You a Scary Christmas: Holiday-Horror and the Glory of the Incarnation

The Christmas-horror canon uses myth and violence to re-frame and re-center our understanding of the biblical Christmas narrative.

‘Sermon on the Rocks’: Josh Ritter’s Messianic Honky-Tonk of Biblical Proportions

Josh Ritter’s ‘Sermon on the Rocks’ is a biblically-infused album that offers a searing critique of deep-fried, cultural evangelical Christianity,

“The Future Belongs to Those Who Control Information”: Superman and Our Fear of Surveillance Technology

The current ‘Superman’ run is all about unearthing our latent fears about being human in a post-Snowden society, where information is always up for grabs.

Irrigating Deserts: How Film Transforms and Causes Us to Love Our Neighbors

When we watch films, we are temporarily displaced from our own reality in order to participate in another world, which itself bears resemblance to our life.