Stop Trying to Be a Man and Start Trying to Be a Good Man

Christian men are weeping over a form of masculinity that Jesus never called us to pursue.

Star Wars Episode VI: The Love That Compels Us to Throw Down Our Lightsabers

If the power of the dark side is hate, then what is the power of the light side but love?

‘The Stories We Live’: Whose Story Does Your Life Tell?

What kind of story does your life tell?

A Christian’s Perspective on Hunting

Years ago, I knelt beside the little buck that I had killed. I was proud. So proud. And yet there I was, as just a young boy, confronted by the reality of death.

When I Realized That the Bible Could Not Cure Everything

In my first pastorate, I said some stupid things.

Church in the Wild: When Churchgoers Turn Into Sports Fanatics

The problem isn’t that people love sports too much, but that they love them incorrectly.

I Watched the #CreationDebate and it Kind of Bummed Me Out

God made the universe out of nothing. He may have done it in six literal days. But if God did that, He did not use any natural processes that we have ever observed or can duplicate.

Ask Uncle Brad: The Persecution Complex, The Snapchat Ghost, and Charity

How do I deal with persecution complex? Why is the Snapchat logo a ghost? Should one give money to the church or to the poor? Uncle Brad is here to help!

Ask Uncle Brad: “My Dad is a Culture Warrior” (Plus: Daniel Diet, Correcting the Internet)

“When your dad goes into full-on culture warrior mode, he signs you up for the draft.”

Ask Uncle Brad: Why You Should Definitely “Ask Uncle Brad”

“Honestly, the only reason I’m still writing for Christ and Pop Culture is because I enjoy telling people things they ought to already know. I want to do that every week.”

Cruising on a Sea of White Privilege

#10 in our Top #CaPCMag Features of 2013: an attempt to escape toil only makes it more real.

I Want to Give You a Snopes Detector for Christmas

I want you to have a Snopes detector installed on your computer to keep you from posting silly things on the internet.

Black Friday is a Monster that Must Be Stopped!

Black Friday has burst its bounds and is threatening to devour the single greatest holiday that we have left.

A Veteran’s Thoughts on Veterans Day

“I want our children to know that while it’s a noble thing to support our troops, it’s equally important to question the policy of our military and of our elected officials who give them their orders.”

Snapchat and the Ghost of Communication

“We build relationships just a little bit every day, even if it is only ten seconds at a time.”

Seven Tips for Enjoying Halloween, Even if You Hate it So Much