Why Mystery Is Crucial to Our Lives (And Why It’s Never Going Away)

The mysterious God of the universe uses mysteries, and His words in the Bible, to encounter and be encountered.

1983 vs. 2023: When Is Revival Right for America?

Some Christians want their version of revival so desperately that they try to force revival through fearmongering.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 5: Finding Contentment in The Nightmare Before Christmas

While boredom may be a first-world problem, disillusionment at being off track with one’s identity is universally human.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 4: How Philadelphia Taught Society Compassion

Philadelphia showed the horrific truths behind a reality that society had ignored, and made the public AIDS crisis personal.

The Slow Burnin’ Faith of Flamin’ Hot

Believing in yourself (as in the talents God has given you) coupled with believing that God will take care of you, is a taste of unadulterated faith.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 3: Responsibility in Schindler’s List

Unfortunately, one reason Schindler’s List stays evergreen is that racism will always be a problem.

World Gone Cold Shines a Bit of Light: Self-Titled EP Review

World Gone Cold seeks to “warm the blood and soothe the soul” in light of society’s isolation and chilly feeling.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 2: Commitment in So I Married an Axe Murderer

Although this murder mystery faltered in theaters, it became a cult classic, captured the pulse of our culture, and provided perspective on commitment.

Yesterday I Had the Blues: Colorful Emotions & The Black Community’s Hopeful Tomorrow

Rather than specific solutions, Yesterday I Had the Blues demonstrates the Black community’s rich history of transforming adversity and fear into hope.

1993 Film Favorites, Part 1: The Technology and Ethics of Jurassic Park

Ellie’s establishing boundaries on technology and Malcolm’s call to behave ethically in meekness are some of the best takeaways the film has to offer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin’s Guiding Voices and the Search for Peace

For the Turtle, or anyone who has always been told what to do, losing that direction can be disorienting.

1982 vs. 2022: Greed vs. Giving

In 1982, the era hadn’t decided to be known as the decade of greed yet. There was still a choice open to the culture: to better the world by giving and supporting others, or to greedily make oneself rich.

Violent Night: How Santa Got His Jingle Back

Santa’s rationalization for fighting was a one-time occurrence, but his commitment to address children’s needs is permanent.

Cole Burgett’s The Lost Son: The Horror of an Unabsolved Homecoming

An homage to classic horror radio plays, this limited audio series asks, “What if the father had rejected the prodigal son upon his return?”

I Got Richard Pryor’s Help Moving

Moving provided humorous distraction, while reminding me that some also have to deal with the demon of discrimination while relocating.

Daughters and Daddies: Giving Louise, Eleven, and Kamala the Confidence They Need

These daughters beat themselves up, lost their self-assurance, and lacked a true sense of who they were, but their fathers guided them toward the truth.