Touchdown Jesus: Revenge of the Jocks

The sports world will be one of the last places where a nerd with confidence is tolerated.

Touchdown Jesus: The Human Cost of Amateur Sports

Should collegiate athletes be paid?

‘The Life of Pablo’ and the Messy, Scandalous Redemption of Kanye West

‘The Life of Pablo’ is a messy, but redemptive album from Kanye West

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The Warriors have been a light on the hill for the desperate diehard, proof that hope isn’t always futile.

Touchdown Jesus: Monty Williams and the Quiet Life of Faith

More than a Christian who has beaten the odds and taken the world by storm, I hope to aspire to the quiet, dignified example of a Monty Williams.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 84: A Long, Strange Yeezy Season

After catching up with some news from around hip hop, Sam and Cray cover Kanye West’s latest album-related antics.

Touchdown Jesus: Anatomy of a Coach Firing

Coaches are now being treated more like players, viewed as assets that can be moved around on a whim.

Touchdown Jesus: What Are the Odds that God Is a Seahawks Fan?

Sports are a perfect plane for working out our understanding of God’s transcendence and immanence with relatively low stakes.

Stations of Home Alone: The Enemy Is a Fake Gold Tooth

Station 2: “Just as Marv and Harry are hellbent on Kevin’s demise, so too do we have an adversary seeking our destruction”

Touchdown Jesus: Losing Is for Winners

A dreary few seasons of abundant losing could be more edifying for a young, newly rich pro than joining a good team.

Touchdown Jesus: Steph Curry’s Pride and Joy

If you haven’t noticed, Stephen Curry is really good. I think he’s just realizing this himself.

American Zoo: Looking at Black Culture According to Vince Staples

Vince Staples offers a striking commentary on black life in the U.S. and the invisible wall that continues to separate.

Touchdown Jesus: Every Mav Was Right In His Own Eyes

Losing makes you crazy, and the Christian fan is not exempt from being possessed by irrational fan demons.

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Is hip hop and the Christian faith a tenable mixture?

Tig Notaro’s Comedy of Dying

Comedian Tig Notaro turns her cancer diagnosis into the heart of her stand-up routine, making death itself the joke.

Sunday Oldskool: Rap Trope Blasphemy, Jay Rock Prophecy