“Redskins” and the Power of Privileged Words

To love our neighbors well, we must consider the stories our words tell before we speak them.

Juan Pablo vs. ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor finale was uncomfortable because it forced us to acknowledge the show’s shallow view of love and our own hypocrisy.

Life or Choice? Planned Parenthood Solidifies the Terms of Debate

If every mother has to decide when their children’s lives begin, then it really is a matter of choice, an argument from individualism.

2. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City: “The Difficulty of Believing in God in the Modern Age”

Modern Vampires of the City asks questions that Christians need to take the time to answer for themselves and for the good of those around them.

22. Cart Life: “I Wanted to Make a Better Life” #CaPC25

Open Letters: Prideful, Presumptuous, and They Need to Stop

The time for the open letter has passed.

Four Things Miley’s Twerking Tells Us

People will remember this performance because the girl they watched grow up as Hannah Montana spent the majority of her 6 minutes on stage “twerking.”

That SkyWire Thing Was Probably a Bad Idea: Invoking Jesus While Playing With Your Life

“Had Wallenda fallen, no Christians would be excitedly talking about his faith. Instead, we be mourning, unable to shake the images of a such tragic waste of life.”

Our Favorite Games of 2012

The Christ and Pop Culture writers got together and hashed out our list of the best games we have played this year. Here’s what we came up with.

On Religious Videogames and “El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron”

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, while far from 2011’s most popular game, was one of last year’s most important games.

If I were Justin Bieber, I’d Press Charges against Jenny McCarthy

If we are truly concerned with the persistence of sexual harassment in society, we must not make the mistake of blowing it off when anyone, be they male or female, is guilty of committing it.

Football without a Prayer: Why Pre-Football Piety is a Bad Idea

How should Christians respond to attacks on pre-game prayers by groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation? Drew Dixon argues that if we pause to consider the matter biblically, we might side with the atheists.

Selfishness and Selflessness in Videogames

How We Honor Our President

Preaching and Preachiness: A Reflection on ‘Parks and Recreation’

“. . . a lot of us are guilty of making canned arguments designed only to further entrench those who already agree with us against those don’t.”

Virtual Economics, the American Dream, and Our Lust for Stuff