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The Minority Report: Why I Quit Listening to Christian Music

“Singing along to CCM felt like some weird existential experience–standing outside myself applauding my own deep seated faith and many spiritual victories.”

The Minority Report: McDonald’s on Chick-Fil-A Day

“… its important that we, as Christians, avoid turning absolutely every issue into a culture war of vast proportions. It just feels childish.”

The Minority Report: Dark Nights and American Terrorism

“We don’t shoot each other for religious or political reasons anymore–we shoot each other for no reason at all.”

The Minority Report: Is YOLO Worth Redeeming?

“I don’t intend to start a campaign to redeem the phrase, but I do hope to make the most of my time today because Jesus is Lord–YOLO!”

The Minority Report: You Are Not Special

“Our culture of helicopter parents and constant praise has the potential to produce a generation of young people who think much more highly of themselves than they ought and refuse to attempt catching their dreams for fear of failure.”

The Minority Report: Balancing Sex Education

“If we would take the time to carefully consider such motivations, we might find that we share something in common with those who promote a more liberal approach to sex education.”

The Minority Report: Advice for Graduates

“… if you can develop a vision for your future that goes beyond yourself, you will find that the years getting better and better.”

The Minority Report: Is Youth Ministry Unbiblical?

“When FIC pastors and church leaders label youth ministry as “an unbiblical concept borrowed from humanistic philosophies,” they are fighting the wrong battle.”

The Minority Report: When Youth Pastors Should Go to Prison

“True religious persecution is not something that can be simulated . . .”

The Minority Report: Facebook and The “Loneliest” Generation

“So if you are one of the many people who hates Facebook, here is something worth considering: perhaps you are using it poorly.”

Why We Need More Christian Entertainers

Christian artists should be more willing to see themselves as entertainers.

The Minority Report: Mobile Manners

“. . . If we don’t ever force ourselves to put up our phones and be available to those around us, we may never be available to them”