Notes from the Margins: Dove Makes us Feel Great in All the Wrong Ways

Notes from the Margins: The Mindy Project–A Once in a Decade Opportunity

“The Mindy Project is not a show about race, gender, or cultural perceptions of beauty. But it smartly points out all of our current hang-ups with all of those issues by neatly side-stepping them.”

Notes from the Margins: The New Radicals are Already Here

“There is no getting around this element of the New Radicals: they are right to critique American culture and the church’s compliciteness in valuing distinctly western ideologies.”

Notes from the Margins: What We Talk About When We Talk About Abuse in the Church

“Now is the time to be honest about the potential for abuse, even in our sacred institutions.”

Notes from the Margins: Swords into Plowshares, AK-47s into Shovels

Notes from the Margins: Because of Christ, It Gets Better

“To the ones being bullied, the church has a chance to step up and say: ‘I’m sorry for the words you have heard. We are here to tell you about the One who made you, who loves you and has a place for you in his kingdom.'”

Notes from the Margins: White People Problems

“Hollywood loves a good disaster movie, but only if they can cast certain stars, ones that look and act like the majority of the Western audience they are trying to reach.”

Before You Buy Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate, Read This

Immigration Reform and the Christian Welcome Wagon

“Here’s to Christians being at the forefront of the welcome wagon and taking our cue from Scripture rather than political climates.”

Notes from the Margins: Hushpuppy, Stereotypes, and the Kingdom of God

“We can’t immerse ourselves in the miracles without first confronting the grim realities of our world.”

Mark Driscoll, I really, really need an iPad.

“What we need to talk about are the ways we as Christians need to get off the merry-go-round of vitriol in dialogue.”

MLK Day: The Dream is Not A Reality

While we celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr, the church in the US remains horribly divided.

In Which Jodie Foster Feels All The Things