Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Soucy’s Wayword: A Liturgy for the Digital Age

With the release of Wayword, the band Mr & Mrs. Garrett Soucy gives listeners a stripped-down liturgy that is perfect for the digital age.

Cool Takes: Our Current Apocalypse

The Trump apocalypse, in one way or another, has always been upon us.

Cool Takes: Drew Barrymore’s Celebrity Marriage after Divorce

Drew Barrymore says that her impending divorce doesn’t take away from being a family. Is this even possible?

Cool Takes: ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and Sleuthing for Virtue

‘Murder, She Wrote’ sleuth, Jessica Fletcher, subscribes to a higher law, and chooses to live accordingly. She only hopes you will do the same.

Cool Takes: Can Leslie Knope Save Our Politics?

Leslie Knope is an American political hero.

Cool Takes: The Snowpocalypse of Privilege

This week in whiteness: a huge snowstorm and Macklemore’s “White Privilege II”.

Cool Takes: Ricky Gervais & Donald Trump Speak Truth to Power

What do Ricky Gervais and Donald Trump have in common? Neither one is afraid to speak his mind. How refreshing! Or not.

Jae Jin’s ‘Kairos’: Seizing an Opportune Moment, Free for CaPC Members

In his soulful, yet upbeat debut album, Jae Jin creates moving lyrics set to memorable tunes.

Stations of Home Alone: Where the Wilderness Meets Civilization

Station 3: “Nightime has fallen at the Mcallister house, but it is not a silent one.”

Cool Takes: In Praise of Family, the Holidays, and Khloe Kardashian

Physical proximity leads to greater compassion. So why do we excuse our families from that equation?

Cool Takes: Life and Death on the Internet

It hurts everywhere. In Beirut, in Paris, in Syria and in Missouri, USA, in all the many, many places I forgot to name.

Cool Takes: Back for More Gilmore

The revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’ marks an imminent return to Stars Hollow and a nostalgic celebration of insignificant problems.

Cool Takes: For the Love of Trump and Money

Trump runs his campaign like an old-fashioned, mid-19th century political pro.

Cool Takes: Of Blood Moons, Papal Visits, and the End of the World

Every day is an apocalypse of sorts as we make our way back to God.

Live by the Screen, Die by the Screen: The Perils of Reality TV

In the end, the problem with reality shows doesn’t come with measuring the moral values of the Kardashians, or the Robertsons, the Duggars or the idol in American Idol. The problem is the rest of us.

Remembering the Goodness of Gilbert Blythe and the Magic of ‘Anne of Green Gables’

In the end, the story transcends the sitcom scenarios and builds into a plot any contemporary reader or viewer can get behind.