So Much Stuff, So Little Time: How Do We Keep Our Possessions from Possessing Us?

Denying the appeal of the material world will not in and of itself bring a sense of balance.

Moral Clarity in ‘Grantchester,’ Or What’s Oprah Got to Do with It?

In ‘Grantchester’ moral quandaries abound, and Sydney is not afraid to get stuck in one quagmire or another, because he is fully human, which includes being spiritual—dealing with the part of ourselves that is a counterpart to the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Holy Relics: The Choir Robe

The choir robe is a symbol of conformity, representative of an individual voice joining a crowd of voices, subsumed.

The One-Dimensional Humanity of ‘Downton Abbey’

When a story is told the way it is on ‘Downton Abbey,’ told in such a way that the only option for viewers is to condescend to its characters, then the storytelling has failed.

Franco and LaBeouf: The Wizards of Oscillation

In the art-off between James Franco and Shia LaBeouf, Shia LaBeouf is winning.

On Listening to Serial, and Finding Myself Guilty

Guilty or not guilty. It’s the crux of the matter. It’s why five million (and counting) listeners of the Serial podcast anxiously await each new installment.

Lena Dunham & Jill Duggar: Baring It All for Us

We watch as Jill Duggar and Lena Dunham, their book deals and Twitter followers predicated on continual self-revelation, are reduced to the sum total of their parts.

Beauty for Ashes: The Hope of Beauty After Suffering

Nothing about my grandma’s descent into darkness was beautiful.

The Simpsons and Us, Together Forever

While roundly skewering every type in every single town in America, The Simpsons always manages to make lemonade from our cultural lemons.

‘The Slender Man Made Me Do It’: Compelled to Violence by an Internet Myth

If the character of Slender Man didn’t already exist, we would make him up, because we are always making up reasons to do bad things.

The Duck Dynasty Bible and the Problem of Hero Worship

Literature on our Burrito Packaging is the Transcendent Moment We Deserve

Does one elevate a burrito by wrapping it in the words of Toni Morrison? Probably. Does one cheapen literature by using it to cradle bits of rice and sour cream? Most likely.

A Satanic Monument on Capitol Grounds? An Outward Symbol of Nothing New

We don’t need self proclaimed satanists to tell use what we believe in our hearts to be true: living life apart from God is an exercise in futility. Erecting monuments to a life lived apart from God is more of the same.

Should the Church Chase the Coffee Trend?

Evangelicals love a trend, and the trend toward an obsession with coffee — yea, even unto snobbery — is not a bad thing.

The Tiny House Movement: Where Two or Three May Gather

The Tiny House movement runs counter to the experience of living in America, where the typical building is entirely out of scale with actual human beings.

KFC’s Chicken Corsage: The Zeitgeist Roosts on Your Wrist

The KFC chicken corsage stunt underscores just how mainstream absurdity has become.