The False Gods of Rory Gilmore

After nine years, the Gilmore girls are back, and it turns out Rory still hasn’t grown up.

Three Films to Watch before You Vote (and One to Watch After)

Three movies to watch before you vote to help steel your nerves, and one movie to watch after you vote — to help wash away the stench of national politics.

Unborn Witness: An Unlikely Hero Pursues Justice in Ian McEwan’s Nutshell

The issues McEwan raises in this strange, brilliant novel provoke serious thought.

Loving My Prodigal Country

How, in the face of such divisiveness, rage, resentment, and hatred, does one go on loving the country where it’s all taking place?

Kind to Be Cruel: The Tragedy of Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins was surrounded by people who told her, wrongly, she could sing, and her life was stunted as a result.

Women Behaving Badly: What Miranda Lambert’s ‘Vice’ Is Really Telling Us

Country star Miranda Lambert gives us insight into sexual freedom for women: does it mean behaving as badly as men?

Austen Upside Down

Contemporary writer Curtis Sittenfeld gives Jane Austen a modern makeover, managing to miss the point of Austen’s work in the process.

Brilliant Lost Children: The Familiar Roots of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels

Ferrante writes about subjects that matter to Christians—home, family, friendship—with a significance that’s all the greater for its utter lack of sentimentality.

Confessions of an Opera Dunce

Even those of us who don’t understand high culture very well can splash around in the shallows.

Richard Gilmore: The Man Who Was There

The best men in our lives may not be the ones who conform to our specifications and fulfill our wildest dreams. They may be the ones like Richard Gilmore, who shows up and stays with us through it all.