The “Wonderful, Wonderful” Healing Power of Minari

Just in the manner that the “wonderful, wonderful minari” plant can work its magic as you ingest it, nourishing, cleansing, and purifying you from the inside out, so too can this movie resonate, whether or not you have a similar story as the child of Korean immigrants.

The Decentering Power of Kim’s Convenience

Watching a show like Kim’s Convenience is a helpful exercise for anyone in the dominant culture to experience the decentering of whiteness and the elevation of stories from the margins.

Crazy Rich Asians and the Limits of Representation

If people of color are the only ones raising their voices and celebrating increased representation, then our collective forward progress will be minimal, indeed.

My ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Dilemma

The success or failure of ABC’s new sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ carries both risk and reward for the representation of Asian-America on our television screens.

The premier of ABC’s new sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ carries both positive anticipation and reluctant risk for the representation of Asian-America on television.

How God Showed Up in House of Cards: An Interview with Jae Jin

A Christian musician gets asked to play a worship song on House of Cards.

Why I Raised My Voice (and Encouraged Other Asian Americans to Do the Same)

Helen Lee explains why she helped to write and publish an open letter to the evangelical church.

The Scandal With ‘Scandal’: It Doesn’t Do A Better Job Of Tackling Racial Differences

“The scandal of Scandal is that it could do so much more to spark discussions about racial differences, but instead it chooses to color the show in shades that all blur everyone together to look the same.”

Walking In The (Lime)Light: An Interview With Candace Cameron Bure

Helen Lee interviews the actress many of us know best as “D.J. Tanner,” about the challenges of being a Christian in show business.

The Church Can Help Welcome Immigrants To Their New Home

“As we seek to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with our God, let us not forget the segment of Americans who could use an additional measure of support and encouragement as they work to assimilate into their new home country.”

What If The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Weren’t White?

America still has an immature understanding of what it means to consider all Americans truly American.

Overcoming Mental Illness’ Stigma in the Church: An Interview with Amy Simpson

I recently asked Amy Simpson for her perspective on the Matthew Warren story, as well as for her observations about the Church’s relationship with mental health issues.

Yet Another Reason to Love Trader Joe’s

“In other words, money is important, but people are even more so.”

Do Kids Need Their Own Noah’s Ark To Learn About God?

“But do children require such extreme measures in order to jazz their imaginations and inspire awe in their Creator?”

A Post-Racial World? Not in the Ivory Towers.

“Christians can also view the current racial climate as an opportunity, one that we have often not taken advantage of enough in the past.”

What’s Wrong With Pursuing Gifted Education for Our Kids?

“Part of what Christian families can bring to the conversation is an awareness of this disparity and a willingness to stand against cultural norms to carve out a new pathway for themselves and their kids.”

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are BFFs. How Nice.

“How nice to fellowship over food and drink and to make no mention of the starvation and countless atrocities that North Koreans have endured for the past five decades.”