Reset by David Murray, Free for CAPC Members

Reset is an excellent example of taking the fruits of common grace psychology and integrating them into a practical theology for Christians.

Ascending to Disney World: Making Sense of a Modern Religious Pilgrimage

Traveling to Disney World looks more and more like a religious pilgrimage than many would care to admit.

Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt, Free for CAPC Members

In Gospel Fluency, Jeff Vanderstelt wants to help every believer speak the gospel in the stuff of everyday life.

Mannheim Steamroller and Christmas Traditions

Christmas feels more like Christmas when Mannheim Steamroller is playing.

Christopher Smith’s Reading for the Common Good, Free for CaPC Members

Christopher Smith’s Reading for the Common Good is available free to CaPC members this month.

Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame, Free for CaPC Members

“This Is My Work”: The Legacy of Pat Summitt

The life of Pat Summit serves as a good reminder that God gives each of us work to do, and for many, it may seem utterly mundane.

‘The Listening Life’: Learning from the God Who Listens to Us, Free for CAPC Members

Rather than a “seeing is believing” mindset, Christianity is a more “hearing is believing” way of life.

‘A Christian Guide to the Classics’: Embracing the Literature We Love to Pretend We’ve Read

Reading fiction broadens our understanding of the human experience and enables us to speak well into situations that we haven’t personally experienced.

‘Saturate’ Discipleship: Out of the Coffee Shop and into Community

Jeff Vanderstelt’s ‘Saturate,’ this month’s CAPC Member Offering, calls us out of coffee shop discipleship and into one another’s lives.

Work Matters: Finding Meaning in Our Daily Toil, Free for CAPC Members

Work Matters by Tom Nelson, Christ and Pop Culture’s latest offering to members.

‘Echoes of Eden’ by Jerram Barrs: The Truth Is Resounding Around Us, Free for CAPC Members

Jerram Barrs’ ‘Echoes of Eden’ is free for Christ and Pop Culture members.

Listening for Echoes of God in mewithoutYou’s ‘Pale Horses’

Though they may come out at a different place than evangelical Christians would, that shouldn’t mean you can’t listen to their albums.

Letters and Life: On Being a Writer and a Christian, Free for CAPC Members

An artist is both a creator and citizen in a worship relationship to God.

Death Metal, Douglas Wilson, and the Wisdom of Extreme Music

What if you set hymn lyrics to death metal music? Is death metal a lose-lose for Christian enjoyment?

‘Behold The King of Glory’: An Imaginative Approach to Passion Week, Free for CAPC Members

Tethered to Scripture, Ramsey’s words leave breathing room for an imaginative approach to Passion Week.