Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age by Bob Cutillo, Free for CAPC Members

Dr. Cutillo seeks to engage readers in rethinking, and re-engaging, health and care from a redemptive approach.

The Kingdom Is Like a T-Ball Game

T-ball, in many ways, is the portal into proverbial joy or into a life of overbearing demand.

Being There by Dave Furman, Free for CaPC Members

Dave Furman’s Being There is intended to help us navigate life with those who are suffering.

Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God by Crawford W. Loritts Jr., Free for CAPC Members

Crawford W. Loritts Jr.’s Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God is available free to CaPC members this month.

David Mathis’ Habits of Grace, Free for CaPC Members

David Mathis’ ‘Habits of Grace’ help readers plunge into the goodness of God’s grace, and grow more and more by his grace

A Message from Your Conscience, Free for CAPC Members

Hello, it’s me again.

‘Captain America: Civil War’, A Prophetic Spectacle for Our Time

Perhaps the spectacle of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ can give us pause enough to consider our cultural situation and the precipice over which we stand.

Panel Discussion: ‘Black Panther’ Reveals Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Multi-Medium Mastery

Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to see if comic books can handle the load that we often attribute to higher forms of intellectual activity.

‘The Unfinished Church’: Redeeming a Work in Progress, Free for CAPC Members

Rob Bentz’s ‘The Unfinished Church’ is for those of us who are trying to figure out the church, free to CAPC members from Crossway Books.

Superman vs. Batman: Can the Best of Krypton Beat the Best of Earth?

Loyalists to each side would claim their hero has the advantage. Superman has the death-vision and incomparable strength. Batman has the utility belt.

How to Be an Atheist: Working out the Worldview of a Skeptic, Free for CAPC Members

Mitch Stokes’ ‘How to Be an Atheist’ shows the work of the worldview of a skeptic.

Idol Extraction in Paul David Tripp’s ‘Awe’, Free for CAPC Members

Tripp’s pursuit in ‘Awe’ is to understand the nature of our hearts and the wandering worship that we are often overcome with in every area of our lives.

Panel Discussion: ‘Secret Wars’ and the Power of Confession

The decades-long struggle between Richards and Doom is a picture of our struggle with God.

Panel Discussion: ‘The Vision’ and the Danger of Chasing Our Dreams

Tom King is giving us, through The Vision’s storyline, an opportunity to consider how the pursuit of our dreams could result in the destruction of our deepest values and convictions.

Panel Discussion: ‘Captain America’ and Overcoming the Reality of Regret

Can we live a life for the sake of Christ and the kingdom of God without carrying any regrets about the consequences down the road?

‘Words Made Fresh’: Listening to a Master Craftsman, Free for CAPC Members

‘Words Made Fresh’ by Larry Woiwode is available free to CAPC Members.