Music at Mars Hill: Lana Del Rey, Rebecca Black, and Ethics

“Marketing, branding, image, and production are not just afterthoughts in our musical culture.”

Music at Mars Hill: Most “Original” Score?

“I’m of the persuasion that the way we recognize and receive a medium like music or film is as important a cultural product as the art itself”

Music at Mars Hill: Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

Some of Luke’s most anticipated music releases of 2012.

Music at Mars Hill: New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2012

“This is what’s on my mind heading into another year of music-listening.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Roots and the Suffering of the Innocent

“It raises the age-old question of injustice and how to live in a world where rain falls on the good and the evil.”

Music at Mars Hill: John Mark McMillan’s Proclamation of Hope

“McMillan has been one of the consistent voices . . . that refuses to dilute the message or the music for the sake of being widely accessible.”

Music at Mars Hill: Does the Message Matter?

“In our age of moral relativism, you will very rarely hear a discussion like this one being brought up in culture outside of the Church.”

Music at Mars Hill: A Closer Look at Mylo Xyloto

“What is it about Coldplay, especially in their past two albums, that rings so true with Christians?”

Music at Mars Hill: Brandon Flowers on Mormonism

“Do we sometimes boil our Christian faith down to avoiding Christian taboos and following our dreams?”

Girls, Cults, and Healing Past Wounds

Successful songwriter Christopher Owens grew up in a cult, and his attitude about his past is astounding.

Music at Mars Hill: Diving Into M83’s Dream World

“If I can suspend my sense of cynicism for just a moment, music like Hurry Up has the ability to capture my imagination again.”

Music at Mars Hill: Switchfoot’s Vice Verses

This kind of “eternity begins now” thematic material is not just a fluffy theological verdict; Foreman is aching and urgently yearning for living out the kingdom of God in the here and now.

Music at Mars Hill: Why Music?

“[F]or the huge place that music takes up in our culture, how little we can actually understanding it.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Emotional Contradictions Behind Strange Mercy

“St. Vincent’s album is a reminder of the contradictions that exist within myself that shape my understanding of God and the world around me.”

Music at Mars Hill: Canon Blue’s Rumspringa

“We are all in different phases of our lives and it would do us a great favor to be okay with that.”

Music at Mars Hill: Video Games, and Lana Del Rey’s Vintage Music Stylings

“The nostalgic imagery is definitely pushed to the forefront of the song thematically, but the song’s use of the term ‘video games’ is undoubtedly contemporary and speaks of issues our culture is dealing with today.”