Music at Mars Hill: The Joys of Community Music Listening

“. . . sites like and are attempting to bring the excitement of community listening back into our culture.”

Music at Mars Hill: Mat Kearney and the Struggle for Identity

“. . . there’s a distinct difference between a sharpening of identity and an assimilation of identity.”

The Return of Rebecca Black and the Christian Response

Rebecca Black is more than just a one-meme wonder. What does that shocking truth mean for us?

Music at Mars Hill: Derek Webb’s Vision of Worshipful Art

“I don’t know if Feedback has revolutionized the Christian music industry, but it certainly has poked some holes in its surface and offered a drastically different direction for Christian art.”

Music at Mars Hill: God Is Able; Are We?

“Any music that lifts our souls and emotions and pulls us toward God can never be without its own set of particular musical triggers and styles.”

Music at Mars Hill: Light and Dark in Cults’ Debut Album

” . . . their debut album is a surprisingly honest look at the dichotomy between light and dark that is raging within all of us.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Year of the Return of the Saxophone

“One of the most seemingly random trends of this year so far has been a resurgence in interest in the saxophone.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Civil Wars in Concert

“The power of the male and female voice together in harmony is a beautiful depiction of the human heart and relationship.”

Music at Mars Hill: Coldplay On Top of the World

“Coldplay is continuing to move toward popular ambiguity.”

The Search for Meaning in ‘Helplessness Blues’

Are you a unique snowflake or a cog in a machine? Luke Larsen considers the Fleet Foxes’ new album, Helpless Blues.

Music at Mars Hill: Is Our Love Skinny?

“From what I’ve heard of Bon Iver’s newest album, his sound is coming from a fuller and heavier emotional place.”

Music at Mars Hill: What’s “Written in the Stars”

“The strange dichotomy represented in the song is telling of a few things about the culture in which we live.”

Music at Mars Hill: Owning Your Past in “Simple Math”

“This growing up and ‘owning up’ to problems in your past is a major theme in the new album, according to Hull.”

Music at Mars Hill: “Home is a Fire”

“Perhaps the social construct of the home and all our fears about security and acceptance are just signposts pointing to something much bigger . . .”