Curse Your Listeners: Making Sense of Derek Webb’s Fingers Crossed

To an outsider looking in, Derek Webb’s latest feels more like an unintentional cautionary tale than a story that evokes sympathy.

Comfort Detox by Erin Straza, Free for CaPC Members

Comfort Detox is a valuable stepping stone for people who are disquieted with their own excess but are not sure what to do next.

Making Amends: Eve Tushnet on Addiction in Our Time

It turns out that it is possible to write a hilarious novel about addiction. Eve Tushnet pulls off such a feat (along with offering plenty of insight) in her book on a Reality TV show set at a rehab center.

Nothing Is New Under the Black Mirror

If you need a cinematic gut punch, Black Mirror could be helpful.

After Books and Culture: 9 Ways to Share the Cost of Cultural Engagement

Books and Culture dealt with a crucial imperative for the Church: “engaging the culture” seriously and substantially.

Impossible People by Os Guinness, Free for CaPC Members

Os Guinness’ Impossible People is not afraid to be as tough on Christians as it is on their cultural enemies.

The Babadook Shows That Sometimes, Self-Care Isn’t Strong Enough

The only way we can reckon with the evil in the world is to find ways to bear the risk and pain together.

‘The Wingfeather Saga’ Reshapes Our Imaginations to Love Others

‘The Wingfeather Saga’ shapes our imaginations so that we can put ourselves through the discipline of loving those who are not like us.

Rain for Roots: Music That Teaches Us How to Wait for the Lord

Good music for children doesn’t dumb anything down; it just uses simplicity and repetition to draw out universal truths.

Is Black Lives Matter Overblown?

Let’s assume that Black Lives Matter is overblown.

Changing the World Requires Changing More Than Your Avatar

Our hunger for human flourishing outstrips our patience for the work necessary to achieve it.

How to Defund Planned Parenthood

A serious proposal to defund Planned Parenthood should have a generous political concession to help prove that pro-lifers don’t want to leave women’s healthcare out to dry.

Loving the Poor: Pics or It Didn’t Happen

Conservative Christians should bring the rich resources of the Church to bear on how marriage and sexuality affect our fragmentation that feeds inequality.

In Praise of Obnoxious Family Members (and Other Hard-to-Love People)

Vulnerability requires proximity, but we live in an age when we have the power to minimize our proximity to the vulnerable more than ever before.